Don’t have a website? I think you’re crazy!

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DID YOU KNOW: About 50 per cent of small businesses don’t have a website?

I know, I couldn’t believe that either when I read it. Shock. Horror.

Why don’t they? There are plenty of reasons…they have a Facebook page instead, can’t afford it, don’t have time to think about it, too stressful, might get ripped off, have got ripped off in the past, think they don’t need it – and various others.

But I think you’re crazy if you don’t have a website and I’d like you to prove me wrong.

I believe your digital footprint starts with your website; you have a blog on it to keep your site fresh in the eyes of Google and your readers; and then you push your content out to your social media platforms and your social media posts (and all other forms of promotions) back to your website.

Really, why do you have to do all of this if you have a Facebook account that’s working just fine?

A question I am asked all the time.

Here’s why…Because you “own” your website. You don’t “own” Facebook. If it crashes you might lose all of your followers among other things … then what? How are you going to talk with them if you don’t have their details? How will you get them back?

Don’t get me wrong, you need a Facebook page as well (if that’s where your target market are hanging out) … plus all other forms of media.

But start with your website. Even if you start with one page and you add another one to it each month. If you can’t afford it, start small. If you’ve been burned, take a course and learn to do it yourself. If you’re too busy, outsource it. And if you don’t think you need it – you do. Think about the thousands of dollars you’re leaving on the table without one.

In this day and age can you really afford not to have one?

In a world that never sleeps, we’ve become accustomed to getting information almost instantly.

Before a potential customer has called you, it’s highly likely they have already researched you, your industry and competition – all on the web and behind the scenes.

If you don’t have the information they are looking for, they will move on. That’s why it’s important to have quality content on your website that will help you stand out, educate your readers, leave a lasting impression and generate leads to boost your business.

The reality is that when people want to find out about you, they’re going to start by going online. A powerful online presence and personality is critical to your business’s success – and your life – now and into the future.

Here are the 7 benefits of having a website

  1. Adds value

    Not only is having a website convenient, but it can be a point of difference that positions you apart from your competition. It can have tips, case studies, before and after pictures, news and general interest content that can become a reference point for your prospects.

  1. Builds trust and credibility

    Your website can speed up your sales process because your customers are able to get a fair idea about your products and services, and read your background information and credentials. Most people conduct their preliminary research online anyway, so you get the chance to feed their thirst for knowledge. If you have a blog and share other industry news, you can also be seen as an expert in your field.

  1. Engages customers

    Cleverly word-styled content will create engagement and spark conversations with your customers.

  1. Makes you findable

    It’s easier to be found by your customers and potential customers. It opens your reach enormously and will help build on the brand and business that you have established in the marketplace.

  1. It’s scalable

    You become a “global” business almost overnight. Yes SEO takes time and Google won’t register that it’s there for a little while, but you have the potential to expand your business in a very short timeframe.

  1. Open 24 hours

    Your website can keep working for you long after you’ve tucked yourself into bed for your beauty sleep, especially if you have items of value, such as downloadable material and free gifts, and items for sale through a shop that can be downloaded immediately or dispatched the next business day.


  1. Flexible marketing tool

    It’s an inexpensive alternative to print advertising and you can update it whenever you want, so if your products and services change so can your website. Print collateral has its place, don’t get me wrong. I’m a print journalist and editor after all. But you may agree it’s a little more of a hassle to reprint a brochure – and it’s costly too. You can also use your website to do research for your business through your newsletter database or an online survey.


EXTRA HOT WEB TIP: A website can be measured. Websites are easily measurable, with programs like Google Analytics allowing you to see what is happening on every page at any second of the day.


If you are having trouble writing any type of content writing, have a look at the tools you are using and the get some structures in place to help you.

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