Writing better copy: Here’s why trying something new sucks, but you should do it anyway!

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I’ve been learning how to make Instagram reels .. and OMG I don’t think I’ve ever hated anything more!

Now, I could tell you all the reasons why I hate it – it takes too much time,  I hate doing videos, my reels suck compared to others, yadda, yadda, yadda.

But I won’t. The real reason I don’t like it is because I’m not good at it (yet)! That’s the truth.

Trying something new sucks! Sometimes. But here’s why you must push your limiting beliefs and learn new skills … because it’s good for you!

According to Vault.com: “Learning keeps your mind engaged and body active. It helps you get new and knowledge-based perspectives on the world around you. It helps you gain new experiences, trains your brain to handle a wide range of challenges, and keeps your neural pathways active. All these factors combine to keep you healthy.”.

It’s good for your business

The Small Business Development Corporation in Western Australia says: “Adopting a ‘growth mindset’ — believing that your basic abilities are not fixed, and committing to learning and developing over time — is an important attribute for entrepreneurs as well as employees. People with a growth mindset prioritise lifelong learning so that they can consistently develop new and useful skills.”

It’s great for your content

Enhancing your skills allows you to come up with creative ways to market yourself and your business … or just write better content. Like the reels story I’ve used above. If you’re creating reels for the first time I’m sure you can relate!

Having a strong online presence with content that is interesting and thought-provoking shows you as a thought leader and improves your reputation as a business.

Learning new things allows you to write better stories, shows your values as a brand, and helps you build more rapport with your audience because they are bound to be learning with you or want to learn from you.

Truth bomb: Writing better copy comes at a cost

And it’s probably going to be to your ego first. When you learn something new you’re probably not going to be good at it straight away.

You will compare yourself to others and, at times, you will fail and feel like a failure. And that’s all very natural.

There are three kinds of people in the world:

  1. Those who try something new and keep at it until they make a decision that it’s either right or not right for them, but they have given it their best shot. 
  1. Those who know it’s right and learn to better and enhance their skills at every opportunity.
  1. And those who try something new for the first time, and if it doesn’t work, they give up, and off they go to the next shiny object.

If you’ve just had a massive realisation – like I did earlier this month – that you are the latter.

Make a conscious decision not to be that person any longer. 

If something doesn’t work from now on, I’m going to ask myself: How can this work for me? Or how can this work better for me?

I’m giving that one to Marie Forleo’s book, Everything is Figuroutable.

When you practice your new skills – you get better at it, when you keep getting better at something, it increases your confidence.

Take writing for example…

When you start learning the skill – it’s overwhelming and you might really suck at it. Like I did when I first started as a journalist. Oh, the red pen marks that used to come back from my editors made me want to cry!

But when you keep practicing and you get better, you cut your writing time down at first by minutes and then by hours!

You start to see results – at first more engagement and people letting you know they love your content. Then more inquiries in your inbox and then more sales calls and new clients.

And that makes it all worthwhile – even the tears! Yes, I know you’ve shed a few over your business.

Build your confidence online and start writing better copy 

To build your confidence online and with your content – I suggest these 4 steps:

  1. Feel great about your decision to try something new.
  2. Start practicing your new skill.
  3. Keep learning to do it better by taking inspired action each day.
  4. Celebrate when you start seeing results.

Start writing better copy and it will be the results and feedback from people that give you a big boost of confidence. It’s the leads and inquiries you get that you’ll feel like your content is finally working.


FACT: One of the biggest topics business owners talk to me about is confidence and not having enough of it to put themselves out there – especially when it comes to content and copywriting.

Is your confidence factor holding you and your business back? 

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    I can totally relate! Not being great at something is hard but it’s so rewarding when you learn something new too!

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      Elizabeth Campbell

      Thank you so much – you are very right!!

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