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Writing better content - Content writing CHECKLIST | Elizabeth Campbell Wow School Global

Content writing CHECKLIST: Writing amazing content that ultimately gets you what you want (more leads, inquiries, and clients) AND gives your audience and potential clients what they want (value, thought leadership, education and entertainment) can be a difficult task.

The Content Marketing Institute reveals that effective content marketers understand the 4 factors that ultimately drive success:  

  • 91 percent are “all in” when it comes to using a strategy.
  • 91 percent maintain realistic expectations and timelines.
  • 85 percent deliver content consistently over time.
  • 85 percent focus on measuring return on investment.

So if you’d like better results from your content – whether you are getting some results or no results – print this content writing checklist and start ticking away.

  • More ticks = less to do {yay}
  • Less ticks and more crosses = more to do to improve your content

In only a few minutes, you’ll know the areas you need to focus on so you can start writing better content that gets you results faster!

Content to work for you | Elizabeth Campbell Wow School Global EC Writing Services

Content writing checklist: Ask yourself these questions 


🔲 Do you have a strategy?

🔲 Do you regularly ask your clients what they want and need from you?

🔲 Do you survey your prospects/leads to find out what’s important to them?

🔲 Do you keep a story bank of ideas?

🔲 Do you validate your ideas with your audience – For example, would you like me to do a piece of content on…?

🔲 Do you have a 12-month editorial calendar and quarterly content plan?

🔲 Do you understand your message – does your audience understand it? Does it resonate with them?

🔲 Do you know where you are on your content journey so you know the next steps to take?

🔲 Do you know the steps you need to take next?

Style elements

🔲 Are you being yourself online?

🔲 Are you sharing your personality?

🔲 Is your style suited to your audience?

🔲 Are you using amazing images?

🔲 Is your branding on point?

🔲 Is your copy conversational?

🔲 Is your copy helpful? Have you asked your audience for feedback on your copy?

🔲 Do you have a mix of content or are you just using the same types of content? 

🔲 Are you building trust online?

Stories and soul elements

🔲 Are you writing stories into your copy?

🔲 Are you using your own stories?

🔲 Are you using client stories?

🔲 Are you sharing stats and research?

🔲 Are you asking questions to get engagement?

🔲 Are you doing polls to see what people want you to post?

🔲 Do you share limiting beliefs?

🔲 Are you vulnerable?

🔲 Are you sharing what you stand for in business?

🔲 Is your content meaningful?

🔲 Does it connect? How much engagement do you get?


🔲 Do you write following a structure?

🔲 Do you follow my Word Styling Hourglass structure (link to blog on this)?

🔲 Do you know how to write a headline that gets the clicks?

🔲 Do you use a headline analyser or topic generator to write better headlines?

🔲 Do you start your content with something interesting?

🔲 Do you use hooks in your content?

🔲 Do you structure your body copy in a way that’s easy to digest?

🔲 Do you share at least three key points in your body copy?

🔲 Do you have a Call to action at the end of your copy?

🔲 Do you use Calls to action throughout your copy too?

Sales elements

🔲 Does your copy have sales elements positioned through it?

🔲 Do you write promo content?

🔲 Do you do promotion activities for the content you create?

🔲 Do you follow up with people who comment or message you?

🔲 Do you comment back?

🔲 Do you like other people’s posts?

🔲 Do you comment on other people’s posts?

🔲 Do you share other people’s content?

🔲 Are you creating relationships online?

🔲 Do you reply to emails and inquiries (you might be surprised how many people don’t!)?

🔲 Do you have a sales process that you follow?

🔲 Are you measuring your results?

🔲 Do you check your insights regularly?

🔲 Do you make changes to your copy and content based on your analytics and results?

So how did you do? Did this content writing checklist shed some light on the areas where you need to improve to start getting better results? I hope so.

Now, if you have a lot of areas to work on – don’t let this dishearten you. Your brain will try to tell you it’s because you can’t write or you’re not good enough, but we both know that’s nonsense and you’re awesome! 

The only thing you need to do now is to take action. That might be to learn or relearn your writing and content skills, get your team to help, or just book some time in your schedule and get it done. 

That’s it. You can do this – you can write amazing copy that gets you the results you want, but you have to believe you can.

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