How to create an amazing landing page

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One of the easiest ways to elevate your online marketing is to ensure that your landing page is top-notch.

Landing pages have one job – to talk about one thing, have one focus, one keyword and one call to action.

If you are wondering how to make the most of your landing page so it converts visitors into conversations, sales and/or clients, then here are few tips to help you to create a killer landing page that gets the result you want.

1. Clean, organised format and design scheme

When someone visits your landing page, you have just a few seconds to convince the person to pay attention to your message. Avoid having poor formatting on your landing page which could discourage visitors. Pay attention to the simple things like:

  • Logo – have a simple logo at the top of your page that tells visitors who you are and why they should care
  • White space – Clear white space free from clutter helps to make your landing page looking clean
  • Headlines – Keep your headlines concise so that the message is available and clear at a glance. Sub-headlines should also be important concepts and ideas put together neatly
  • Background colors – Keep these about the brand and a good contrast with the color of the text so that your landing page is easy to read for everyone on any device they may check

Make use of trust signals

Trust signals are easily recognisable elements that make it easy for visitors to trust your offer and brand.

You can do these in the form of testimonials, client endorsements, proof of past performance in form of results, customer likes and recommendations from different social media, use of popular logos from organisations such as VeriSign which indicate that your website is safe to shop on.

These elements help you to build confidence in visitors which will reduce your landing page’s bounce rate significantly.


Ensure that you pay attention to your brand colors and use them in a way that is contrasting between the background and the text.

Use your branding colours on words and buttons to make your offers and calls to action convincing and effective.

Call to action

This has a huge impact on your landing page’s conversion power. You can use a button or a hyperlinked image to invite visitors to take the next step on your landing page.

Ensure that you use many calls to actions in different segments of your page so that there is always a link close by without scrolling far. There is also good reason to put a huge, hard-to-miss call to action at the end of the page to give your audience the final push they want.

Test your page

Show different content types to different people, color combinations and choice of graphics. You can use simple A/B testing to get an opinion on what works the best for your landing page.

Testing and tracking the results lets you know which elements effective and which ones you need to improve.

None of these tips are secret, but when you know how, you can easily create words that rock!

The proof of the pudding is simply in putting them all together in such a way that your landing page is attractive to your target audience and helps them make buying decisions.


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