5 things you can do to write better content today!

write better content

FACT: Writing amazing content doesn’t need to be hard or complicated, but it does take patience, practice and honing your skills.

It’s like anything. The more you practice and do something the better result you will get.

But content also follows a framework and structure.

One of the biggest issues I see business owners have is structuring their content. They either don’t know there is a structure to follow or they don’t know how to use it.

So here are 5 ways you can start writing better content today.

1. Have a PLAN!

While this may not be the most exciting writing tip on the planet, if you have a plan then you always know what you are writing, when to post and where to post it. Having a content plan for your blog, social media, newsletter and other types of regular content, like videos or live videos, means you are always creating content with meaning for your audience while also being strategic about it from a business point of view.

TIP: Do you map 3-12 months of topic ideas so you always know what you are writing about for each particular month? 

2. Set a financial goal

How much is a piece content worth to you? Attach a figure to each piece to make up your monthly target. For example, if you want 100 leads, how are you getting those … 20 from your blog, 40 from your webinar, 30 from social media, etc.

TIP: When you set a financial goal for each piece of content you can track its progress to see if your time is getting a return on investment.

PS – my clients are turning one blog into thousands of $$$! 

3. Use WOW words

Use strategically placed Wow Words™ and keywords throughout your content to take your readers on a journey from top to bottom quickly. Wow Words™ are words that your business besties use, add these to your content in the form of problems, mistakes and statements so you build rapport and also let people know what you have to offer.

TIP: Know your ‘business bestie’ and use the words they say! Want to learn more, sign up to The Introduction to Wow Words mini course where we delve into the content fundamentals!

4. Write a compelling call to action

If you don’t have a call to action (or several) in your content you are missing out on meeting your ideal clients and you are stopping your ideal clients from working with you! I see it so often. We must let people know what we want them to do after they have read our beautiful content! But there is a stigma attached to a call to action around “being salesy”. It’s not about that. It’s about directing people so they know you can help them if they need it.

TIP: What do you want people to do? Call? Buy? Come to a workshop? Pop a call to action in your content.

5. Promote your content

It makes me so sad when people just post their content and leave it there all by itself! Why don’t you share it with the world? The tip to leveraging your content is to promote it so more people see it. Just like you would promote an event or a new service, you do the same with your content too.

TIP: Tell everyone you know! Groups, emails, database!

These 5 tips will help you get better at writing online content so you get the results you desire – more leads, clients and opportunities.

If you need some help writing better content – I have 3 more ideas for you:

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