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Learn the strategies and skills to write Wow Words that leave a lasting impression while also getting you better results!


Right now, content cut-through and standing
out online is critical to business success.


It always has been!


You know content is important, but it's hard, right?

Sometimes you feel like you have it nailed and other times you feel like you’re no good at it and it falls on deaf ears! {I’m hearing you!}



Wow Words Membership increase engagement

increase online engagement

Wow Words Membership get more leads and inquiries

get more leads and inquiries

Wow Words Membership get more clients

score more clients

Producing great content is a skill anyone can master with the right tools and mentor
Wow Words Liz Campbell
Liz Campbell
The Word Stylist

The Wow Words Membership will give you the know-how and confidence to achieve lasting results

So if you want to learn how to produce awesome content all the time … the Wow Words Membership has the tools, resources and strategies to make your content shine.

Lauren Bell - Wow Words Membership with Liz Campbell

Lauren Bell

The Anxiety Relief Handbook

I love attending Liz’s writing workshop each month and look forward to them knowing that I’ll get a writing assignment, such as a specific social media post, a sales post or a blog completed. That is satisfying in itself but the best is learning strategies from Liz who is generous, encouraging, and a master. I love the ‘on the spot’ ideas and feedback on my work. My writing has improved out of sight and I now have confidence in expressing my ideas, sharing my voice through my writing. Thanks so much Liz. See you next month!

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What is the Wow Words membership? 


The Wow Words Membership is packed full of short content writing courses, templates and strategies.


Your membership hub will give you exclusive access to a database of regularly-updated and newly-added actionable information, print and write templates, interactive sessions that cover topics such as:


– lead generation

– blog content writing

– promotion copy

– objection content

– social media templates


… and so much more designed to help you write better content quickly and easily.

Who is the Wow Words Membership for?

Business owners & service providers

Employees looking to start your business

Coaches or


What’s inside the program?!

Content planning 2021 - Wow School Global
Home page content writing - Wow School
social media content writing - Wow School
content promotion - Wow School
content organisation - Wow School
content wow message - Wow School


Get more leads - Wow Words Membership
Content Planning 2021 - Wow School Global
Get more sales from your content - Wow Words Membership
Sharing your value - Wow. School Global
How to plan your content - Wow Words Membership
Social media Wow Factor - Wow School Global
Tips to write quickly - Wow Words Membership
Use Canva creatively - Wow School Global

What else is there?

How to write for your target market

Wow Words and why you need them

The Story Shift – learn how to write stories that sell

Happy Homepage: Write a winning homepage for your website

Social Promotion: a quick 10-step plan to leverage your social content for success

Branding: How to work your branding into your content writing

Why promotion is the key to more sales

The top 5 writing templates you need in your back pocket

SEO: the 5 secrets you need to know now to get more traffic

How to write content to overcome objections + templates

Content funnel {live training} & Content planning {live training}

Creating your lead generation strategies + templates

FAQ: How is it delivered?

Worksheets/ workbooks

LIVE writing

Pre-recorded trainings

Print-and-write Templates


Weekly Facebook lives/videos

7 ways for you to stay accountable!

1. The Wow Words Membership Hub content it is self-paced and you can finish it at any time!


2. You will receive email reminders for each of the content drop and new modules.


3. You will receive monthly reminders to join any live writing sessions.


4. Choose what you are drawn to right now – All the content in the course will be available to you.


5. You will be added to the Wow School Facebook group for further trainings and accountability.


6. The Wow Team (Liz’s personal team) is on hand to help with any questions you need.


7. You can choose to be {and work towards continually being} a motivated person!

What people are saying

The course has been helpful in it has focused my attention more deeply on the people I Iike to help and how I like to help them.

I am now also reflecting in more detail on who I am and how I want to help people. 

The writing workshop was the best two hours and of fantastic value. I am so so glad I took the time out for it! Thank you!

Mark Barns, Money mentor

Liz really gets you thinking in a different way and I do find I am already writing content from the perspective of my customers which is actually easier than me trying to be clever.


Thank you Liz for sharing your knowledge and this Wow Words Mini Course, which I will keep coming back to as wonderful resource.

Ruth Carey, Enhancing Aromas

Awesome training today, Liz. You’re totally fantastic. 

Love your content and energy. I downloaded Wow Words and loving the content so far. 

Your content is bloody brilliant,
Elizabeth Campbell. I love it all,
but this “thank you” formula is a
massive “aha” moment for me.

Tracie Ison, coach

I can highly recommend joining Liz for her writing workshops. I was amazing how much I achieved over the two hours and she shares so much of her knowledge and amazing tips.

Megan Sidebottom, VA

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  •    – Access to the Wow School Global membership site forever
  •    – Trainings, templates and worksheets 
  •    – Monthly content drops
  •    – Special Facebook group where we give feedback on your content
  •    – Unlimited email/group support
  •    – 12x LIVE writing workshops per year
  •    – BONUS 1-1 Content Strategy session (30 mins)
  •     Save more than $160/year by paying in full now!

Payment plan
(3x instalments)



3x monthly instalments 


  •    – Access to the payment plan option
  •    – Access to the Wow School Global membership site forever
  •    – Trainings, templates and worksheets
  •    –  Monthly content drops
  •    – Special Facebook group where we give feedback on your content
  •    – Unlimited email/group support
  •    – Special writing workshops
  •    – Extra BONUS content

Frequently asked questions - Wow Words Membership

What do you get each month?


Monthly content drops with PROVEN  templates and strategies

LIVE writing session every month with Liz Campbell (we write together!)

A like-minded community of business owners who love to write and just need accountability!

 Access to personal feedback from Liz.




How much work is involved?


The age-old question: How long is a piece of string?! Seriously, if you just show up to the LIVE writing sessions, you will get most of the content written (depending on how fast you write and how much you have been practising!). If you do the monthly training and the LIVE session, you will almost certainly get that piece of content written and ready for proofing and uploading.


You can also use the writing sessions to do your own work and writing – it’s dedicated time and accountability for you to just sit down and write, whether it is guided by me (your host, Liz Campbell) or yourself and what you’ve got to get done.




I’m already doing another course – will it complement my course?


If you are doing another marketing, marketing strategy, business, coaching course, or accelerator, the Wow Words membership (or even our 8-week Content 2 Cash online course) will be of benefit to that course. 


It probably won’t complement another online writing course, but we have had students do a writing course and then do ours and say they found our course different but immensely useful.


If your current course calls for you to create content and they are not teaching you how to create that content or you need to create additional content that’s different from what you are creating in your current course, then our course and membership will be of great value and help you.




Is the content and course suitable for creatives?


If you are in business and writing and creating your own content (or want your team to do it), this membership and the courses offered will help you. 


If you are an individual creative, freelancer, or employee wanting to start a business, this membership will also be of great help to you.




Will the strategies and templates work for a corporate audience?


Yes, the templates and strategies I teach and show you will work for any audience, as long as you know your audience and what they need from you. If you don’t know who your target audience is or what they need from you at each step of their journey with you, or the types of content they like to consume (we have a course for that inside the membership!) – then nothing you do online will work well.




What if it isn’t right for me?



We have a 14-day money-back guarantee to cover all your “what ifs”. However, there are terms and conditions, so be sure to read them here.

14-day money back guarantee - Wow School Global

While our students love our courses and get amazing results, you may have some what ifs, fears  or reservations about joining.

What if it’s not right for me? What if it doesn’t work? What if we are not the right fit? 

There is no risk involved in our Wow School Global Courses with our 14-day money-back guarantee, so you can rest assured.

However, there are conditions, so please read the terms and conditions about this guarantee here.

Got a question? I’ll answer it personally

Wow Words Liz Campbell

About Liz Campbell

Award-winning journalist and editor Elizabeth Campbell spent more than 16 years in the media telling people’s stories and mentoring up-and-coming journalists, often coaching them into their dream writing jobs.

Writing was her passion well before her first day on the job in a small country town in outback Queensland, Australia.

Ever since she was a little girl, Elizabeth has always loved everything that happens at the intersection of writing and beauty. When she was 4 she penned her first book and by 14 was a published journalist.

Today, Elizabeth is The Word Stylist and best-selling Amazon author of the book Wow Words on the Web.

Elizabeth teaches small business owners the art of online content writing and continues to mentor writers.

She has been commissioned by multi-million-dollar companies to write content and be their writing coach, and speaks to groups on the topics of online content writing and how to stand out from the crowd.

Known for her high energy and positive outlook, Elizabeth is considered an expert in her field and has been labelled an “asset” to the many businesses she has worked with.