Her WOW words made me feel so famous!

Wow Words! When you impact someone's life and they make you feel famous, writes Elizabeth Campbell, The Word Stylist, liz@ecwritingservices.com

Can I tell you a little story? You may not know that I also run WOW School, aka the International School of Wow Words. This is the next step to working with me after attending my half-day “How to blog to boost your business” Wowshop.

Oh, yeah, and I call them wowshops now … not workshops. Workshops are boring, but wowshops are awesome!

What’s a wowshop? You’ll have to come along and find out!

Back to my story … you know how sometimes you meet someone and they hey make you feel super special?

Well, new Master Word Stylist, Gisell made me feel that way when I first met her face to face.


She made me feel #famous!


I was at Brisbane Airport and had some time to kill … not often does that happen, but I had just grabbed a coffee and was looking for a space to sit and do some work before flying out to Melbourne on a sunny Sunday in February to kick off my National Tour.

The cafe was packed and I was searching for a seat when this beautiful voice called out … “are you Liz Campbell?“.

Me: {swings around} <haha> Me? Why, yes I am…hello, how are you!

Gisell: OMG…it is you!

Me on the inside: {OMG!}

Me: Do we know each other? I mean, have we met before?

Me on the inside: {God, I am so bad with people’s names. Have I met her, has she done a workshop, or a has she been to one of my Business Styling events? Dayem, I need to fix that…maybe I should be some hypnotherapy. Wait, the woman. That’s right. God, I get so distracted…}.

Gisell: No, not in person, I follow you on Facebook! I have for ages. Please have a seat with me here at my table!

Me on the side: {PHEW! I’m glad I haven’t met her before, well not like that … Wait, what … she follows me online and we have never met in person! Omigod, I feel sooooo famous!}

Me: Wow, I would love to!


And so I did!


Low and behold … we were on the same flight to Melbourne and only a few seats back from each other. We quickly became friends and have loved each other ever since! Her wow words made my day!

How cool is that? You honestly don’t know how you will impact a person’s life just by putting out a single post or a video or a blog for that matter with some of your fave wow words.

And you never know the story you’ll be able to share afterwards. Like this one!

I’m so excited for Gisell to join us in Wow School later this year.

If you’d like to know how to write wow words and learn how a blog can boost your business to heights you’ve not even imagined yet, come and join me at a workshop, ahem, I mean wowshop.

Here’s a round up of the workshops I’ll be presenting around the country in a city near you soon!

Come and join me! 

See you there.


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