WOW SCHOOL: My big changes for 2018!

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BLOG OVERVIEW: The reasons why I’ve decided to close my content writing agency and focus solo on Wow School! Check it out …

AG: Everyone is tired Liz, every business I speak with lost steam in November.

Liz: Tell me about it … except I lost my puff in September right before I went on holidays and right after I ran a gazillion workshops.


Can I share I secret with you. I’ve been having so much difficulty getting my business motivation and mojo back after my 6-week holiday.

I seriously didn’t want to come back, I loved having that time off so much.

Now I know you’ll say that’s normal, but it wasn’t normal for me. I love what I do and I love teaching and speaking about content and writing and words all all that fun stuff.

I really didn’t want to come back into the day-to-day grind of the business.

And that’s when I realised things had to change for 2018.


There was no way I was doing this year again. No. Freakin’. Way!


By the end of the year I will have spoken at or run 120 events. Let me do the math on that for you (well, for me, really!) …


120 events / 12 months

= 10 events per month

2.5 per week


…except I had about 12 weeks off altogether this year … recalculating…


120 events / 9 months

= 13.3333333 events a month

= 3.33333 a week


You know, it’s actually more than that…well it feels like more.


I’ve been sick more times than I can count – and I’m tired.

Last week I was sick again … some god-awful bug … and it gave me time to think about what I want my business to look like in 2018.

And it doesn’t look like this year. Yay!


DISCLAIMER: Let me just say that this year has been amazing we have had 60 new clients and Wow School became a reality. I’ve had some wonderful opportunities and met some amazing people. I’ve travelled a lot and I’ve been overseas for a holiday. I got a new car and moved into an office. And I’ve loved every minute.


However, the truth remains that I don’t want to do that amount of work again next year. I want to be a smarter businesswoman.


So this is what I have decided:


  • ACCOMPLISHMENT 1: While I played grown-ups and got an office … it’s really not what I want.

WHAT I REALLY WANT: To be free to live the laptop lifestyle from anywhere in the world – and my team wants that too. If this isn’t the right decision, I can always get another office.


  • ACCOMPLISHMENT 2: My content writing agency went nuts and we had beautiful new clients. You know how much I love writing.

WHAT I REALLY WANT: To focus on Wow School and teach business owners the art of online content writing so they actually get a return on invest for the time they spend on writing and so I can help change the way they do business – and change the world one blog at a time.


BIG DECISION: I have closed the content writing agency known as EC Writing Services until further notice. Don’t worry we can still work together … just through my workshops and Brand Angels in Wow School…oooh, how exciting!


  • ACCOMPLISHMENT 3: Built a 6-figure business again (my second one!) called Wow School.

WHAT I REALLY WANT: Or should I say what I aspire to … is to build 7,8 and 9-figure businesses in the next 5 years.

BIG DECISION: I’ve enlisted the help of a business coach to get me there.


  • ACCOMPLISHMENT 4: Got inundated with work and clients that we hit the ceiling and needed a bunch of new systems and processes in place to handle the influx of clients.

WHAT I REALLY WANT: To be more orgnanised in this department, understand the business model I need to build a bigger business and the overaching systems, processes, tasks and programs I need to make this happen. (Werkin’ on it!)


  • ACCOMPLISHMENT 5: I hired my first sales manager, marketing manager, personal assistant and VA (virtual assistant).

WHAT I REALLY WANT: To know the team structure needed to accomplish my big dream of a $2 million business in 2018. And to be the best team leader and visionary I can be for them. (Werkin’ on this also!)


And so with decisions made, Wow School taking on a whole new look and feel, a rebrand for EC Writing Services and a new business coach … let the fun begin for 2018.

If you’d like to know more about the workshops I run and how they can help your business … check out this link and book your spot in a city near you.



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