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Hello Wow Writer!

It’s amazing to have you here!

I’d love to introduce you to my 8-week online course called “Content 2 Ca$h” …  here is everything you need to know to come and join us on the #Wowlife journey.

5 STAR content writing method …

I am so excited to show you my 5 STAR formula and even more excited to have you join us at my 8-week “Content 2 Ca$h” online course.

I’ll personally be there to hold your hand and guide you so you can write amazing content that has an impact on your clients, your business and the world.

Your top 10 pain points

  1. Mindset – don’t believe you can write, no one will listen to me, no one will read it, who am I to blog, what if I get negative feedback?
  2. Don’t have the confidence to post
  3. No time to write
  4. No return on investment for time spent producing content and getting opportunities like speaking and guest posting gigs
  5. No sales from content
  6. No or little engagement from posts – clicks, comments, shares, emails and calls
  7. Not attracting the right people
  8. Don’t know how to write / don’t have the skills
  9. Don’t know what to write about or have too many ideas!
  10. Overwhelmed, confused and don’t know where to start

We get to these problems because we make some mistakes along the way … don’t worry, I’ve been there too!

Don’t make these mistakes!

  1. No plan
  2. Don’t know their target audience
  3. Boring content people don’t love
  4. Content isn’t structured
  5. Not promoting it

Let’s get you feeling confident, connected and converting from your wow words!

8-week online course + Liz time!

We will break down the 5 STAR method specifically to your business over our 8-week journey together.

Together we will…

🌟 Devise a solid STRATEGY
🌟 Find your STYLE
🌟 Write words with SOUL and SUBSTANCE
🌟 Work to the winning STRUCTURE
🌟 Land more SALES

Learn how to write online content that rocks and gets results, EC Writing Services, Elizabeth Campbell

Each week will work through the modules together so you have the best chance to connect with your audience and have an impact on them, the world and within your business.

We will have live webinars and workbooks and you will write winning copy!

Sad face to happy face!

You will go from having a dull and boring online presence and being a content star to shine online … get more connection, leads and opportunities and to boost your business.

If you are a savvy business owner…

Who is determined to change your business, take action and back yourself, we want to work with you!

The results of Wow School speak for themselves!

  • Page one of google in 1-4 weeks
  • No advertising spend – build a six-figure business
  • From 100 to 1500 engagement in 1hr on LinkedIn
  • Two guest posting positions in 7 days
  • Earn $4000 from one blog post into a higher ticket item
  • 20 inquiries from 1 promo post

Lyndal who had 20 inquiries from 1 promo post.

This more than paid for her Wow School experience!!

She had a $500 product.

And the same thing happened to Amanda!

With her $3600 worth of leads from her promo post!

She had a $1,200 service.

Meet Dawn … She was so excited about her guest posting opportunity in Smallville!

And still is.

This is her year to shine!

It was Janja who scored massive sales from a blog post she wrote!

She got two new awesome business bestie from that post!

And you can too!

Thank you Elizabeth Campbell for showing me how to blog to boost my business, literally! After getting back into consistent blogging I’ve raised my profile and monetised from my recent blogs with two direct enquiries converting into sales for my upcoming two- day business workshop!The Connection Queen, Janja Bojanic, Connection Consulting

Don’t forget Paul Barby! Be like Paul to didn’t give up …

He credits everything he has done online in the last 6 months to Wow School (6 figure deals, guest posting position, winning sales copy, people know who he is, page one of google in 1 month).

He’s living the #wowlife!

The wow party is getting started for 2019!

  • March, 2019

🌟 🌟 🌟 Let’s do this! Book your STAR Disco Session and let’s go through the finer details and how it might work for you.

What you actually get:

  • 8 workbooks
  • 8 LIVE webinars
  • 8 pre-recorded webinars
  • LIVE PLANNING DAY (usually available only to Online SuperSTAR clients)
  • My personal promotion plan, all stepped out so you can follow it step by step
  • A special formula specifically for your business (you are different to everyone else)
  • My Content Creator (144 ideas for your content and how to organise them so you’re not overwhelmed)
  • 30+ templates to write your structured content (there’s a template for any piece of content you want to write)
  • 50+ guest posting opportunities and contacts) plus the personal email I send to get guest blogging opportunities)

And we are adding new modules, guests and information on Mindset, Sales, Business Basics and Branding!

Are you ready to join us?

Simply … book your  STAR Disco Sessionand let’s change the way you do business so you can spend more time travelling, with family and friends and doing the things you love!

Live the #wowlife!

Let’s have a STAR Disco session … simply book your session here.