Word style: What’s your business’s personality?

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If your business was a famous person, who would it be? Suave and cool like Sean Connery? Entertaining and upbeat like Cameron Diaz? Young and light-hearted like Justin Bieber? (Ha, yes, I just wrote that!) Or refined and stylish like Charlotte from Sex and the City?

My business’s personality is me. I’m a conversationalist – I’m a Gemini and we don’t mind a chat. I like sharing information and am hungry for it. Learning something new rocks my world. So when I find something cool you’ll be the first to know. I also rank beauty very high on my list of values. I like to look good because it makes me feel good. When you feel good, you do your absolute best. I like to be surrounded by beauty in all facets of the word. I like to have fun, meet new people and hang out with old friends.

So what does that mean for my content? Well, my content needs to reflect this. So when I’m writing my own content, not that of my clients, I stick to my five Cs:


Your formula for your content writing may be different. This is what I know works for me, my style, my business, and my readers.

Chatty – Do I ask questions throughout my content? Is it like having a convo with me? In fact, if you do have a conversation with me, it will be very similar to reading my content. It is about being authentic and this is how you build a connection and start to develop a relationship with your peeps.

Contribution – Am I sharing quality information that’s valuable? Is it credible? Am I teaching them something they don’t already know?

Clean – Is it well structured? Does it make sense? Is it free of errors? Is it easy to read?

Cool – Is it fun? Or is there an element of fun? It is entertaining (to a degree)? Does it have word style?

Consistent – Am I doing all of this each and every time in all areas of my content writing?
Your business’s personality should come through in all of your writing. When I write my web pages and blogs, it’s always with my personality in mind.


What’s your business’s personality? Have a think and write down some notes. If you’re looking for more content writing tips, here’s another great read.

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