What’s a word stylist? How do you look good online?

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I often get asked about the whole Word Stylist thing…What’s a word stylist? Where did you come up with that idea? How do you make people look good online?

All valid questions.Let me answer you this:
How many journalists are there in the world?
Thousands, tens of thousands…I’d say squillions because these days bloggers are every bit as influential as journos. The media as we know it has had a makeover.
How many people do you know who blog?
Thousands – just about every business owner I know has one. If you don’t, you should.
How many public relations consultants are there?
Stacks. Often when journalists leave the big wide world of the media they turn to public relations and media consulting.I tried that for three months. But…it wasn’t for me.
So I decided to use my journalism background and become an online content writer.
Do you know how many of these guys there are around?
Heaps! It’s certainly more popular now then when I started my business four years ago. Now journos ask me how I did it and can I teach them, cool hey?!
But can I ask you this…How many word stylists do you know or have you heard of.
I did it to stand out from the crowd and be memorable. A tactic as business owners we all need to do.
So here are the answer to those questions:
Where did the idea for The Word Stylist come from?
Well, I love fashion, beauty and writing. Writing is my number one true love and I’ve had a love affair with fashion and beauty since I was little girl. Dress-ups and makeup were my fave pastime.
I could have been a fashion blogger or a beauty blogger. I might still be one day.
But I wanted to write content for small businesses because I know how valuable it is and can be when it comes to standing out, generating leads and boosting your bottom dollar.
I have experience in writing across a range of topics (you name it, I’ve written a story about it), but it’s when I get to work with fashion and beauty small business owners that I’m in my absolute element. You know when all the stars align and there’s an explosion of love in your heart? That.
What’s a word stylist?
Someone who can take boring, unreadable, valueless or non- content, give it a makeover to turn it into WOW words that create WOW moments for your audience.
How do you make people look good online?
It’s through these WOW words that small businesses can “look good online”. This isn’t all I cover. I know about design and development and I have a keen eye for detail and making things “look good”. But it all starts with the words as far as I’m concerned. Try and tell me otherwise, please!
The other part of that “look good online” expression comes from my business besties (ideal clients) who use those exact words.“I just want you to make me look good, Liz,” they say.
Meanwhile, I like to look good. I believe looking good makes you feel great and  when you feel great you tackle any situation that comes your way.Take on the world, kind of thing.
Here’s what else I believe that plays a part in “word styling” and why I’m The Word Stylist:
When you look good you feel good.
Words are everything.
Having a website or blog that reflects who you are is inspiring and will not only build your self-confidence but the confidence others have in you.
Building relationships through your words is key.
Learning is the new black.And I believe there’s never been a better time for writing and beauty to come together to empower small businesses with a feeling of confidence and only one word on their lipstick-smacked lips:WOW!
That’s the job of a word stylist. That’s the theory behind the practice. That’s why I get out of bed every morning.
Got any content writing questions? I’d be happy to answer them.

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