What love has taught me about business

Being in love taught me a few things about business that I’d love to share with you, writes Elizabeth Campbell The Word Stylist

LIZ LOVE STORY:  I’m not sure if you knew this about me (before The Divorce Diary came out earlier this year!), but I was in a terrible and toxic relationship for 15 years before I summoned the courage to leave 4 years ago.

I’d only been in business for 12 months when I made that decision.

After a shocking divorce that almost crippled my business, I vowed I’d never let that happen again and focused a million per cent of my business and growing it any which way I could. maybe like you, I was so invested in the business I didn’t believe I could mix business and love because I thought: “Who could possibly fit into my life?”.

I was travelling all over the country, speaking and presenting every other night and I was rarely home. I was out socialising and networking at any chance I could get.

The truth was, I didn’t want to be alone too much at home – so I was out! And I became very accustomed to that.

Hands up who can relate!?

And then, three years after I left, I manifested and met this incredible man who was simply just perfect for me.

And I fell deeply in love! You know the feeling you get! We were inseparable and completely mad for each other – and still are one year later!

Being in love taught me a few things about business that I’d love to share with you.

When I speak with single or divorced business women many tell me “a man wouldn’t fit into their life” and “they don’t need one anyway” and I felt like this too until love jumped up and smacked me on the lips!

And now I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have this amazing feeling (and person) in my life!

So here are my lessons and how love and business are very much the same!

Lesson 1.
Be open to all opportunities

I had completely closed myself off to love. I wanted it to happen but I didn’t think it would for me.

When I took a 6-week holiday after burning out at the end of last year, I started to focus on it more because I had the brain space to do that – and it was something I wanted in my life.

And I became really open to finding my soul man … and then we met.


We met on a social dating site and we never would have met if it wasn’t for this platform because we didn’t move in the same circles, which was so awesome.

And he wasn’t typically a man I would go for, but I’m so happy I took a chance and stayed open to what might become.

It’s the same in business…

Are you being open to opportunities and really listening to what people are offering you and what they want from you?

Are you putting yourself out there and asking for opportunities too?

Your business bestie (or 100 of them!) might also be around the corner! And these people will make you fall in love with your business!

Lesson 2.
Take a risk

Oooh, a big one in love and business – and life!

Risk taking is important in business even if it just a little, calculated risk.

If you don’t take a chance, how will you ever grow and take the business forward?

Do something that scares you because, in the end, it might be the best risk you ever take.

I’m so happy I took a risk on love. I get it, it’s a massive risk and it’s hard because no one wants to get hurt, we all want to be loved and accepted. And rejection is the biggest fear of the human race, according to Tony Robbins.

In business too, no one wants to be rejected and everyone wants to be accepted and to know we are all the same!

It’s just how we are.

But to adapt and grow we need to be open to risks – however big or small – and taking them!

Lesson 3.
Be in love with your business and clients

You know the feeling you get them you’re in love, isn’t it magical? Imagine if you brought that level of love to your business, products, services and clients. How much better would your business be?

Being in love will help you do this because you’re just so much happier and content when all those hormones and feelings are flying around your body and brain!

Getting excited about your business and clients, like you would a first date, will seriously change the way you do business, who you attract and how many sales you make!

I was prettified that if I let love into my life my business would fail because in the past I couldn’t have both. But it’s only made it better in so many ways. And I know now that I can have both!

Support, guidance, less stress, a shoulder to cry on, someone to hug and celebrate wins with, and bounce ideas off.

Who doesn’t want that!?

We pivoted the business and changed the direction this year after many years of stress and exhaustion.

And I was worried I would lose money and clients. None of that happened because. I believed in what we were doing and the reasons behind it.

AND I was excited and in love with it all, and so was my team (and my man, my biggest supporter in life and business).

So there you have it my friends, how to mix love and business, and how the two are so closely related.

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See you there

Liz xo

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