What Freddy Mercury can teach us about business!

Where to start when it comes to your content journey!

I went to see the new *Queen* movie on the weekend – and thoroughly loved it! I haven’t stopped playing Queen or stalking Freddy ever since. And I wasn’t a huge fan before, simply because I didn’t know much about the band. And it’s got me thinking … What can Freddy Mercury teach us about business?

He was a strong entertainer who left an impression on people’s hearts, but he also had an entrepreneurial streak way ahead of his time. That’s inspiring.

Here’s what the movie can teach us in business…

  1. Be different

    How different was Queen? If you don’t know much about them, check out Bohemian Rhapsody, the movie, or simply google them. Read the articles, check out the pictures of Freddy Mercury and listen to a few songs. You’ll soon see they were nothing like any other band out there in their era. Are you different from all the other businesses out there who sell the same or similar products and services?

  1. Reinvent yourself … always –

    Are you staying ahead of the market and reinventing yourself as a business and personality? Or are the same as you’ve always been? Have a think about how you can change it up a little for 2019.

  1. Take risks

    Don’t be afraid to dominate your industry and the market. Be known for that. Take a risk. Take a chance. Take some action on something you have always wanted to do – in your personal life or your business.

  1. Work the audience –

    Freddy Mercury and Queen were known to engage their audiences. But we can do it online too. How do you get engagement? Or maybe the questions is: Do you get engagement?

QUESTION: What are you doing to stand out with your content … are the words engaging your audience? Or are they falling flat? What can you teach us about business?

  1. Write an “anthem” people will feel involved in –

    That’s what Queen did, they always wanted to make people feel involved. We Will Rock You was written for that exact purpose. What does your content do for your audience? Does it rock them? Write content the same way as Queen wrote their songs – with passion and love.

And finally, use your voice as an instrument. Let people hear you. Share what you stand for in business and do it proudly. What else can Queen teach us about business?

Your followers, customers and fans want to hear from you and want you to be active on social media, your blog, in videos and in your newsletter. Share content your business besties want to know from you.

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