What does your ‘About Us’ page say about you?

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Everyone has a story to tell. What’s yours? Not the one that you’ve been in business for 10 years and you have a team of 16. Not that story…the other one.

You know, the one about why you started your biz 10 years ago. Your “About Us” story. The one about how you did it. That one.

This has been my mantra for years and the reason why I love/d being a journalist – I love telling people’s stories and everyone has one to tell.

Your About Us page is one of the most read pages on your site, which makes it a super-important one. So I bet you want to know how to make yourself and your biz stand out from the crazy world of writing on the web, where sometimes everything looks the same and blah, right?

Let me give you an example. I met with a small owner-operator recently who was in the business of moving stuff – your stuff, my stuff, their stuff – from A to B. Here’s how the conversation went:

Liz: So Rod what’s the story behind your business? How did it all begin?

Rod: It’s all on the current website, love. We started 25 years ago and now have 16 trucks and 15 staff.

Liz: Wow! That’s amazing, thanks for sharing. But I want to know the real story.

Rod: What do you mean?

Liz: The one about why you started your business in the first place. Ok, tell me about your first customer.

Rod: Oh well, that’s easy. It was my ex-wife. Funny story actually. (Insert commentary: Love it. Now we are getting somewhere!).

Liz: What happened? (Sorry, nosey journo coming out in me. I don’t know how to turn that off).

Rod: Well, we’d broken up and we both needed to move out ASAP. I had a small truck and was using it for my day job of carting soft drinks. So me and a mate unpacked it one afternoon after work and moved my ex-wife out, and then I moved myself out and in with my mate.

My mate kinda had fun and said we should do it more often. I thought he was crazy! So that’s how the business began.

We still worked our main jobs and would move people after work and on weekends until we had enough business to leave our jobs. And that was 25 years ago.


This story will be wildly different to other people in Rod’s industry, including his competition. Not only that, but he has just made himself relatable to people who may be in the same boat as he was and needing his help.

Can you see how this would be more interesting and valuable to a reader on your website than the boring norm?

If you’d like to know more about writing wow words, why don’t you come along to one of my next next writing workshops in a city near you?

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