What does a Word Stylist do?

What does a Word Stylist do? Elizabeth Campbell explains the definition

Hi, I’m Liz and I’m The Word Stylist. I work with style-conscious businesses who want to look good online through WOW words. What’s a Word Stylist do? Ahh, well I’m so glad you asked!

This is a question I get asked all the time … especially when I introduce myself with my short pitch (that one above). You might have heard me say it.

In fact, only just yesterday a woman replied to a message I’d posted in a Facebook group about my upcoming blogging workshop series asking this very question.

“Liz, what does a Word Stylist do?


There’s a few reasons I call myself the Word Stylist.

1.      It promotes conversation.

2.      It provokes questions.

3.      It’s different to what other people in my space are doing.


So, what do I actually do?

Well, in essence I write online content for style-conscious businesses – that is business who love fashion, beauty and style as much as I do! I call content “WOW words” because every time people read those words I want them to say “WOW”.

So, they read your website, your story and your offerings and say: “WOW!”

Someone finds your blog and starts to follow it and every time you pop into their feeds or newsletter they go: “WOW!”

Or your followers on social see that you’re up to and think: “WOW!”

Coining the “Word Stylist” is my point of difference.


The Word Stylists’ club

Now I have a team of word stylists who write WOW words for my clients.

They do most of the websites, blogs and social writing. I guide and mentor them and other up-and-coming journalists. My background is in journalism.

As THE Word Stylist though, I do a lot of other stuff… not only do I write, but I now also teach small business owners how to write online content that rocks and results through my workshops.

This is what I really (really) love this side of what I get to do. I’ve always loved writing, but the teaching side of the business is what really lights me up on the inside.


Running workshops

The graduates of the workshops are also called Graduate Word Stylists. Those from the two-day writing workshops become Expert, Master and Superstar Word Stylists.

The “word styling” words have become its own brand and run through everything I do because that’s what I want to be known for. What are your wow words and what do you want to be known for?

How can you coin a new phrase or come up with some words that depict who you are, what you do and why you get up in the morning?


Changes in the air

The business has changed so much since I began and I always wondered how it would grow and change and would we always write content. I love how as you grow your business will grow too … you will bend, change and adapt and so will your business.

Being in business is one of my favourite things and being The Word Stylist is something I love so much.

How will your business grow and change this year?


If writing is something you’d like to learn, you can also attend one of my workshops where I teach you how to blog to boost your biz, get more leads and live the life of your dreams! I present across Australia.  Click here to find an event near you.

Otherwise, if you need a hand writing your WOW words, drop me an email at liz@ecwritingservices.com and I’ll send you my Initial Brief Form to get more info and see if we are the right fit for each other.

Or come over and join me in my Facebook groups, Savvy Australian Bloggers and Business Styling.

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