What business and French have in common

what do business & French have in common Sarah Do Rozario for EC Writing Services

What do business and and learning French have in common? And why it’s OK to suck at them at first…

As a fitness professional, one of the most common things I have people tell me (apart from confessing that they had a piece of cake yesterday) is how much they suck.

“I suck at running, I couldn’t run to save myself.”

“I’m so bad at push-ups, I can barely do a girl one properly.”

“My arms are so weak, everyone else here is probably way stronger than me.”

“I’m so unfit, don’t laugh at me.”

Sound familiar? Maybe in your world it is more along the lines of…

“I suck at blogging.”

“I am hopeless with social media, I don’t know where to start”

“Networking events terrify me, I don’t know why I bother.”

“I am so bad at numbers/writing/technology.”

That’s when I started thinking about how judgemental we are of ourselves, and realised that starting out in fitness, or business, or ANYTHING is really just like learning French.

If you had never learnt French in your life, never lived in France, and knew nothing beyond “bonjour”, and then preceded to head to your very first lesson, would you say how terrible you were at it, how much you sucked, and how much better everyone else was than you?

Of course not, it doesn’t make sense right?

Why put yourself down for “sucking” at something that you have NEVER given yourself the opportunity to even try, to be good at, or even to be great at?

We actually all start off “sucking” at new things, simply because they are new. We don’t have the skills and the knowledge yet to improve, and be better, and be great…YET.

Everyone started off right where you are now – all the most talented of athletes and the most successful men and women in business all over the world had to start off right at the beginning.

Natalie Cook even confessed to me in a recent interview I did with her that what drew her to beach volleyball in the first place is that it didn’t come naturally and she WASN’T good at it – and she used that as motivation to stick at it till she was the very best.

So how about giving yourself the opportunity to suck a bit less? Maybe even get good? Maybe even be great? All it takes is a desire to be better, a hunger for knowledge, and the support of some brilliant, empowering experts (like my talented friend Elizabeth Campbell aka The Word Stylist). What could you achieve if you got off the “I suck” bandwagon and swapped it for a little self belief?

About Sarah Do Rozario

Sarah Do Rozario is a health and fitness expert at a private personal training studio called Prestige Lifestyles in Newstead, Brisbane. In an industry where the average lifespan of a trainer averages three months, her year and a half long health and fitness career seems out of the ordinary. Sarah offers a science-based, research-proven approach to training and nutrition that guarantees positive, long term body composition results in less than 3 per cent of your week, amidst a culture and community that supports and empowers each other to succeed. Her services include group fitness (ICE – Intense Cardiovascular Exercise), private personal training and an exclusive approach to nutrition.

Sarah has had the best success training single males aged 25-30, who have gotten to a certain point in their health and fitness journey on their own, and were looking for someone to take them to the next level. She confesses to enjoying spending time with these clients as they are hungry to learn more and find out in depth information in regards to training and nutrition – the conversation is honest and interesting, and it keeps her constantly exercising her professional skills and knowledge.

Her big why? Sarah says “The way I look, think, and feel now is something that I never thought was a possibility for me.” She says that it is such a shame that people don’t realise the possibilities out there for their health, and performance, and how they look. Sarah wants to help them realise their goals are in fact achievable, then get them to that place that always seemed too far off to even be considered an option.

Sarah is also a published writer (Natural Health and My City Life magazines), a networking queen, relationship building expert, social media addict, and lover of all things marketing. Aside from her obvious passion for health, fitness, and helping people, Sarah loves teaching people how to better connect with others – whether through face-to-face contact, phone, emails, or blogs. Sarah builds rapport and relationships wherever she goes, and her insights will help you take your business to the next level.


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