Website content writing: 9-step writing framework

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“Getting a quality website is not an expense, but rather an investment.” 
― Dr. Christopher Dayagdag, Technopreneur

Your website needs Wow Words™. Period! If you’ve read my blogs in the past few weeks you will know how much I believe in having a website to cement your credibility, grow relationships and get sales and new clients.

Of course, it is just one step in your content writing journey. You can read all about the 7 pieces of content you need to create for a WOW online presence and profile here.

There’s a BIG issue…

One of the biggest issues many business owners have is writing their content. We are working with a respected businessman at the moment in our Wow Words Membership who has been wanting to post for two years, but hasn’t had the confidence.

Two. Years.

He tells me, for him, it comes down to knowing if the content is high quality enough and then having the steps to write it to show the quality. The first blog that he wrote following my 5 “S” Content 2 Ca$h methodology is awesome. It just needs an edit and a stronger call to action and he is ready to post.

The more you practice your content writing, the better you will be.

Remember this … you have amazing content to share on so many different topics. You are a machine at what you do and so many people will benefit from knowing what you know.

So start sharing today. If confidence is getting in your way, get in touch and we can work through your confidence issues together like we have done for hundreds of clients.

In the meantime, I have put together 9 steps to writing your website content, exactly the way I do and it and teach my content writing course participants.

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Here is your 9-step website content writing guide:

1) STRATEGY: If you haven’t already, put your content writing strategy together. Set goals for your website writing project – more leads, conversions, engagement, product sales or opt-ins. You want to have goals for your website in general, as well as for each page. Remember – be specific, with numbers, percentages and timeframes. 

2) MESSAGE: Once you’re clear on the goal for each page, decide what the key message is for that page. Which problems are you going to solve for your readers? Which questions you will answer? 

TEMPLATE: Create a “template” for each page, including headlines, sub headers, key points and calls to action. This will make it easier in the future when you are writing new pages and blogs. We give a content deck, content writing templates and a content writing checklist in our 8-week Content 2 Ca$h course. You can join the waiting list here.

3) MATERIAL: Research the web, magazines, newspapers and other blogs, and talk to your clients for extra information on the topics you want to discuss and ideas for style and content. Use this research to fill out your template. 

4) WRITE: Write your major pages – the Services/Products page and any subpages, the About Us page and other pages such as FAQs or team profiles. Write a blurb for your Blog and Contact Us page. Make your words work from the very beginning and use every pixel of website real estate that you can. 

TIP: Start with your Services opening page and drop-down menu pages (note – you may only need a single Services page). I find this is the easiest and it’s usually the biggest chunk of your content, which can be the most daunting. So start with that first and everything else will be a breeze. Leave the Homepage until last. It is going to be a wrap of your site.

6) Once you’ve drafted and written your pages, go through them and make sure you have covered everything needed and the on-page optimisation. 

7) Get your images together for each page, portfolio pictures and recent work samples together, have professional photos taken of yourself, add video and other content that makes you stand out, such as a podcast and interviews section, and gather some testimonials from your most delighted customers. 

TIP: I like to use a testimonial on every page, either woven into the content, or at the bottom. Pick one that relates to that specific topic of each page. For example, if your page is about writing a press release, have a testimonial from a client in which you have written a press release and they have received awesome results. If you do wedding makeup, have some words from your best bride client.

8) Have the content proofread (we can help you with this).

9) Hit publish (or send it to your developer, VA or content writer to publish for you).

Now it’s your turn. Go and write your website content!

Need more help?

Sometimes it can be really hard to find the time to actually sit down to plan and write your content. ⏰

My trick is to have our marketing VA hot on my heels waiting for the content to schedule each Friday. Keeps me accountable.

If you would like some accountability for your content writing, I suggest you come and join me in our Wow Words Membership, where we actually write a piece of content together.


💪 Plan it out

💪 Do some research and other fun things

💪 Set a timer 

💪 And write 

I’ll be sharing some other little tactics, formulas and frameworks I use each and every week to make sure my content makes it out into the big wide world and in front of my business besties. 🌏

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