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Content writing process and how it works


We kick off with a client questionnaire, so we can gauge your goals, target market and their problems, your solutions to those problems, plus background info on you/the company (how/why it began).

This will be emailed. We have found doing it this way is much easier for you as you can get it done in your own time – even if that is 1am on Wednesday morning. Once we have this back from you, we will get together a first draft to which you can make changes; then a second draft with the changes made and any others you would like; and then it will go to our proof reader for a fresh set of eyes before we send the final version to you to be uploaded. 

Note: If you would like us to interview you, a charge of $295 will be added to your total costs.

You can feel free to record your answers, however there will be transcription and collation cost of $150 +GST. I have found it is best to write as you can cut can paste other information you might have into the sections.

It’s completely your choice!

Turnaround time

Once we have the questionnaire and depending on the amount of content you need written, it usually takes 1-2 weeks to get the first draft together. We send all pages needed together in the one document as this is the most effective way for you to look over the content to see its flow.

We give clients a week to look over the first draft before we get in touch again. If you can get it back sooner that will speed up the process. It is a little hard to judge because you may get busy and can’t look at it for a week, which pushes the deadline back. 

Just say we get the content back from you within the week, we will make any changes and come back to you with a second draft. Usually there isn’t much work that needs to be done, but it will again depend on how soon you can approve the second draft. After this, it is sent to the proof reader for a final check over. All up, in our experience, it usually takes about 3-4 weeks.

Word count and keyword research

The pages/blogs contain between 500-800 words (average about 500 words) and are on-page optimised, with keywords supplied or we can do the research on your behalf. There is no magic number when it comes to word count, but this amount has worked for my clients when it comes to search and readers. However, Google does need at least a couple of hundred words per page for its spiders to crawl and new research suggests the more the better for the search engine spiders, so anywhere up to 1500 is ideal for them. 

Quality content, no waffle

We provide quality content that’s credible and consistent. We believe in content that’s informative, educational, entertaining and valuable to readers. So we follow a proven system that works for the content-writing framework and I use my 16 years of journalistic background to write content that search engines and readers love, as do my writers, which ultimately sells your product in a value-added way with no hard sell. That’s what content is about.

The secret weapon

Content for other web pages. Our whole aim is to make you stand out from your competitors, so we use the space others don’t use for quality, informative and educational content that leaves a lasting impression so your readers always come back for more.  

For example, many people simply have a blog page without an introduction. We like to use this valuable real estate to talk about how you are solving your customer’s problems, the aim of the blog and what your readers can expect. We believe this not only makes you stand out but allows you to build rapport and a connection with them.

We also do this with your Contact Us page.


We follow The Word Stylist’s tried and tested 5 “S” Content 2 Ca$h writing methodology, which includes our famous Word Styling Hourglass Figure content writing framework to make sure your content works hard for your money!

This is how Liz Campbell teaches her EC Writing Services writers and the Wow School Global students as well.

Our initial Content Strategy follows a general plan that looks like this. And every single piece of content we touch starts with a plan before we get to writing. Sometimes we will need your help and at other times it is an internal process.

CS = Content Star!

WF = Wow Factor!

We know when we follow this guideline above, your content will have success and get results.

After that, the Content Creation process follows it’s own methodology, which can be used across any piece of content or platform, to take your content from sad face 🙁 to happy face :). It looks like this. It is very much a system and each step is further broken down within our internal processes and our courses.

5 “S” Content 2 Ca$h writing methodology

Content writing services and strategy

Word Styling Hourglass Figure content writing framework

But it is this Content Structure that makes the writing process super easy for us and those also learning to write their own content. It’s the secret!

Word Styling Hourglass Figure - content writing framework

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