Website content rules: I just made two big mistakes

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Can you believe I just did this? I’m writing a website – it’s a big one too…about 25 pages.

But I just did something silly and it’s cost me a bucket load of time.

Actually, I made two mistakes. Gah!

I have no idea what I was just thinking. Clearly I wasn’t! I was probably daydreaming about shoes, or something.

First of all, I haven’t done my keyword research and so I haven’t threaded them into the content.

Damn it.

That means I have to go back and do that later. Talk about double handing my website content!

HOT TIP: Conduct keyword research first always, people – before you start writing your website content. Thread your keywords into your content as you’re writing if at all possible. You’ll get better at it as you do more writing.

Next … I have just spent an eternity writing the homepage. I was wondering why it was taking me so long. You know why … Because I haven’t written any of the other pages yet.

Why is that a problem?

Well, it’s so much easier to write your homepage when you’ve written the other pages because the homepage is wrap of everything on your site. Website content writing fail!

HOT TIP: Use the template in my new book – WOW Words on the Web. It steps out the structure of the homepage for you. And leave it until last to write. The content and copy just flows more easily. You can put it all down pretty quickly.

Yes, even seasoned online content writers still make mistakes! Back to the drawing board. #takemyownadvice

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