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Why you need a website content writing review


HOT TIP: Don’t ever delete any of your precious content. Of course, you can take it off your site, but don’t delete forever! Even if you think it may not be of any use any more, there is always something you can do with it. Just save it off in a folder that says “WORD STYLE FILE”.
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If you are a small business owner with a website and you’re not on page one of Google, a website content review can tell you why.

Content is the most important thing when it comes to your website, raising your profile and getting found online. Making sure you use the right type of content, keywords, links and other tricks all help you get to page one and, in turn, opens up opportunities you never dreamed possible. Sound like a plan?


Our website content review gives you a list of suggestions and recommendations in a report that you can either do yourself, give to your developer or get us to do for you.

Here’s what’s involved.

What is a website content review?

That’s a good question and thanks for asking.

There’s a room in your house – everyone has one – that is full to the brim with stuff. If you don’t have a room, you at least have a wardrobe or a drawer. Am I right?

Every few months you give that room, wardrobe or drawer a good clean out and find things you haven’t seen for a while, give some stuff to charity, put other things in a safe spot and sadly throw away a few items.

That’s what a content review on your website aims to do too.

What’s involved?

  • We look at the design and navigation of your site from a readers’ point of view.
  • Check out the pages you already have and see if there’s room for other important ones.
  • View the content, its structure and the layout of your pages to see what you’re all about.
  • Then devise a report and list of recommendations based on what we see, what elements may need improving, what you can take off and save for a rainy day and what words might need a bit of styling.

Why should I get one?

Ordinarily a website content review is done to document the content you have on your site, particularly if it’s a very rich source of information.

But we want your content to rock!

So we take our review just that one step further and give you content rewrite ideas and other cool concepts you can add to your site.

Who gets these done?

  • Small business owners who aren’t getting found by search engines and ideal customers.
  • Those who want to refresh their website and don’t know what to keep and what to send to the trash folder.
  • People putting together a brand new website and there’s no flow or structure to your content. You need someone to take a look at everything and give you direction.

No problem. We have tried and true techniques and one helluva checklist we follow for each page, section and element of your content.

No letter is safe; all suspicious characters are checked

Only recently we received this feedback from a delighted customer:

“Wow, Liz, you have saved me so much time. I can’t believe it, thank you so much.”

We aim to please, so if this sounds like an investment with a content-load of value, please get in touch with us today and let’s get the ball rolling on your review.

For more website content review, give us a call on 0427 366 824 or head over to the contact us page.