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Question: Are you among the 50 per cent of business owners who don’t have a website? Did you know you’re letting tens of thousands of dollars worth of work walk out the door every day, week, month, year?

That’s actually a true statistic.

I almost fell over when I read it, but new businesses don’t seem to think they need a website, which absolutely baffles me…I tell this story in my blogging workshops.

Some businesses think they only need a Facebook page. Um, I’d like to tell you something … you need more than a FB page to really make your digital footprint work for you.

Here’s how the funnel should look:

Website: Everything you do online should come back to your central point of content and that is your website. You “own” your website and everything that happens on it. You can capture people’s details, you can change your services, you can add opt-ins. You can’t do all of this on Facebook or with only a Facebook page.

Blog: You house your blogs on your website. I get asked so often where should my blog be…should it be on my website or on a separate platform. It should be on your website! Always! Why? Because we want readers to come to our website so we can start to build a connection and a long-term relationship with them. They eventually know, like and trust us. As I said before when they flitting around our website and like what they see, they will eventually give their contact details so we can start talking to them from our newsletter. Make sense?

Social: We promote our blogs on social media and then we send people back to our website with a link to our latest blog post or a yarn we know they will love. See, then they are back at our site where we have another opportunity to build rapport with them and eventually grab their details so we can start talking to them.

You don’t need to spend squillions on getting a site built to start with. Just get something live where you can talk to people and ask them to sign up to your newsletter or opt-in to a free download so you can start talking to them.

If there is one thing I would ask of you when it comes to your blogging success, it would be to get a website AND have a Facebook page!

This is something I go through in more detail at my how to blog workshop. Want in? Come and join us and learn how to write and the blogging structure.

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