Website content tips to drive more traffic

Get more traffic to your website

“Google will know that you are hungry for sushi before you do.” – Ben Kunz, digital strategist

And that’s why you need a website in your content marketing strategy – so you can help all the people who don’t even know they need you yet – and all those who do!

There are many ways to drive traffic to your site, and we are going to discuss some of them in this blog.

For a quick read, here are five easy ways to get more traffic to your site:

– Write blog content
– Make entertaining videos
– Post links to Social media
– Email your VIP list 
– Run a giveaway/competition

But, how do you write the content for these pieces of marketing gold?

Try these elements and ideas below:

Catchy headline

A catchy headline is your key to drive more traffic and attract more audience. If you are reading blogs online, no doubt that blog is high-quality, but what if the title isn’t catchy?

Even the best website content may not get as much traffic if it didn’t have an awesome headline. This is why it is vital to add attractive and catchy headlines in your blogs, social media updates and any other form of content.

It will make the content look worthy, easy to read, as well as be awe-inspiring to readers. Therefore, taking the time to write a catchy headline will boost the odds of more click-throughs and encourage more engagement from your audience.

Keep things real

When creating content, always remember that your readers will be searching for you online. Souse your keywords (don’t have any, we can help you with this!), and keep it real with stories and emotion.

It’s important to write for your reader first but make sure you have website content that searchable and will be indexed by the search engines.

The more real and truthful you can be, especially if you are promoting a product or service online, the better it will be received by your ideal clients – and they’ll be raving about you too!

Keep it conversational

I just wrote about this last week … keep your content cool, chatty and consistent! In your effort to create a good impression, sometimes, you might start to share some technical info in your Wow Words. Now, this is not wrong, and in some cases, it’s needed, but it can scare away your readers especially those who aren’t familiar with you or your subject.

Keep in mind that you can still make a good impression even if you use simple and easy-to-understand words. It is going to be more beneficial because more people will appreciate your easy to consume content. Using simple words makes your content easy to engage with.

Add some other website content details

In creating and writing website content, you need to research your topic to make sure you insert some interesting facts and details. However, you should cite your sources to avoid problems with violations of intellectual property rights and plagiarism. A simple link to the primary source is enough.

Not only does it make your content credible to the readers, but having a number of links in your content also gives the notion that you research and read widely, and which you are a dependable writer and the search engines love it too.

Also, it suggests that you’re embedded in a reliable network of well-informed people. These impressions improve your credibility online and off.


In general, good website content can make or break your business. So, make sure it is high-quality and professionally written. The tips mentioned will help you come up with suitable content to drive traffic to your site. 

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