We wish you a merry and content Christmas!

EC Writing Services – Christmas stories: We wish you a merry and content Christmas!

CHRISTMAS STORYTIME: We’ve just come back from a week of family fun on our annual Christmas holiday. We had Christmas in Cairns a week before actual Christmas because we couldn’t all be together for the Yule Tide.

There was lots of food, presents, laughs, celebrating, kids running around having sprinkler showers in the backyard and time together.

And isn’t that what summer and Christmas is all about?

There was a time, about 5 years ago, that I dreaded Christmas; the time for love and families, being together and sharing the day with gratitude and happiness.

But I couldn’t have been further from being happy.

I was alone and it was sad.

I’d just left my marriage and relationship of 15 years and I was in Bali on a Christmas holiday and adventure with two of my friends, living it up and having the time of my life.

I had paid an exorbitant amount of money for this holiday basically so I could forget all about the pain I was in.

I thought, this will work, I’ll just jump on a plane and run away.

And it was awesome, until I woke up on Christmas Day alone, in my own room, no family around me, hungover again and sad.

Because I realised what I’d be coming “home” to. The same as when I left!

I spent most of the day on the phone to my mum!

That warm and fuzzy Christmas feeling has been restored for me in recent years though … last year my gorgeous man gave me an engagement ring on Christmas Day and my little niece was born on Christmas Eve one year ago this week.

How special is that?

Christmas takes on many meanings for people – family is always a big one – for me, it’s about connection. Connecting with yourself and your loved ones.

It might just be a phone call if you can’t be together or you might decide to do a video chat as you sit down to your Christmas lunch.

It might actually just be another day to you or one you don’t celebrate. Or you could connect by helping people less fortunate.

Heck, you might even be on the socials for interaction and engagement this Christmas and festive season. It doesn’t matter how it happens for you as long as you having fun and you are connected.

QUESTION: What does Christmas mean to you… I’ll be asking this over on my social platforms this week.

So this Christmas, I am very grateful for my family and the time we get to spend together to create more happy Christmas stories.

I’m grateful for all the times I felt alone and sad, and I’m even more grateful now that I know what true happiness is – happiness from within and being surrounded by loved ones.

It’s the greatest gift you can give yourself. What are you grateful for?

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas this week and lots of love to you and your family. Have a wonderful time and also take some time to appreciate all that it is good in your life and create your own happy Christmas stories.

Liz and the Wow Team

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