Want your content to work for you? Try these 3 things now…

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FACT: Getting your content to work for you can be hard! 

FACT: When your content works for you, you’ll feel excited, ecstatic, and overjoyed!

Getting excited about your business, products, services, and content is the quickest way to get more leads and new clients.

It’s the Number 1 key to success.

Why? Because when you’re excited about something, you put your heart and soul into it; you put amazing energy in it; you want to talk about it; you see results and want to share them; and, in return, people get excited about what you’re offering.

Hot tip: Getting your content to work for you comes down to getting excited about it!

“Excitement of any kind is a state of arousal. Arousal means that the heart rate increases, the sympathetic nervous system increases activity, and the brain begins to signal the increased production of hormones.” (Source: Neil Patel, Hubspot)

And guess what? Excited people take action, because when you are excited you pass that excitement on to the people you are around.

Get excited.

Be excited.

Stay excited.

The more excited about your product you are, the more people will be too – and you will get better results from your content, and that is only going to make you even more excited to build your business!

How exciting is that?!

The NEXT best thing you can do for your business and content? 

To get your content to work for you, you must get out of your own way.

If you’re ready to do that when it comes to your online content, here are a few pointers to help:

– Work on your mindset: Repeat after me: “I am amazing, I have incredible knowledge to share, my ideal audience and clients lap up my content and my online presence and profile screams WOW FACTOR!”.

– Come back to your why: What is your purpose and message for your online audience?

– Stop comparing yourself to others: This happens to the best of us so don’t beat yourself up. 

– Think about the outcome: Get out your vision board and look at it four times a day. Remember all the things you want to achieve and how far you have come. 

Now what? Here’s your third and final step…

Want your content to work for you? Sure you do! Great content that stands out and is remembered is about value over sales. But what is value?

The Oxford Dictionary says it’s: “The regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.”

So on that note, is your content deserving of your readers’ time? Are you sharing important details? Is it worthy and does it share worth? Is it useful?

Sometimes it can be hard to pull it all together and it can become overwhelming.

However, you have so much to say. You have opinions and beliefs about what you do in business and why you do it.

You have frameworks and formulas that you follow to get results for you and your clients.

You have fantastic case studies, clients, and testimonials just begging to be made into a piece of content.

You have words of wisdom to share, your own stories, and many (many) experiences in life and business that are worthy to be put out there online so other people can feel worthy too.

You have heaps of ideas and so much to say.

I encourage you to go a bit deeper and share your real value – the stuff that makes you a little bit nervous but excited at the same time. Share that!

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