Want to cut down on your writing time?

Want to cut down on your writing time? | Elizabeth Campbell Wow School Global

Want to cut down your writing time? Great, me too. So I had a look at what I could do when it came to my online content.

And what did I find? A whole bunch of tips I could share with you while implementing them myself!

Writing Time Tip 1 – Restyle your old posts

I had some great posts that were working really well to get people signed up to my lead magnets and courses.

Want to know what I did?

I did an audit of my content.

Cut and pasted all the content that did well to get results.

Then added it to a 3-month marketing calendar for my lead magnets and courses.

Put it on rotation.

Boom! Done. Posts written. Rewritten and scheduled.

TIME SAVED: 4 hours

Writing Time Tip 2 – Write about what your passionate about

Guess what? You’re playing small with your content and I know you could be playing a bigger game!

I bet there’s something you are doing right now that keeps you from reaching your full potential online. If this is you, it’s time to start writing about what you’re passionate about.

First, this will help you start playing a bigger content game and second, it’s going to help you write so much faster! 

Why? Because how easy is writing about something you know and love?!


1. Take a minute to think about where you could be bolder and put yourself out there more online. 

2. List some topics you’ve been dying to write about and know you WILL nail! 

3. Start writing now! Take one small step today to make it happen and write a blog.

TIME SAVED: 1 hour of blog writing time

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Writing Time Tip 3 – Use a proven method to write

Attract new customers and engage with your audience with high-quality content, they say … A statement you hear all the time. But it is one that can seem impossible to achieve!

Be curious when it comes to your content.

Here are 4 key content tricks to help you write better content FAST!

1. Write to your target market and find out what they truly desire.

2. Create a list of WOW Words and insert these into your content. 

3. Get your message right and make sure it runs throughout your content.

4. Promote your business in a way that rewards people and not repels them!

TIME SAVED: Countless hours of trial and error

Writing Time Tip 4 – Stop creating so much content!

Is there such a thing as too much content? 


In the past, we once shared 720 pieces of content across all the platforms: LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus (when it was still around), Facebook personal, Facebook business page, Instagram, email, and blog IN ONE MONTH.

Phew, talk about overload! I would never do that today. And for all of the business owners who have been following this strategy – stop now and save your time, money, and effort! 

Here’s what I learned about the changing face of content over the years: 

1. You don’t have to be on every platform – choose wisely.  

2. Instead, cross-promote one set of high-quality content across all platforms.

3. It’s not about “how much” content you create; what matters is how effective, scroll-stopping, and valuable it is.

4. Don’t overwhelm your audience with a tidal wave of information. Value their time.  

5. Let fellow business owners know that there is a better, more effective way to succeed! 

TIME SAVED: 10 hours a month

Writing Time Tip 5 – Create some writing habits

I don’t have time to write content … said by almost all business owners at some point!

For me, this was a crippling struggle and limiting belief I had a few years ago about my content. I was so torn because here I was forever encouraging business owners to find the time to write and I was guilty of it too. I felt like such a fraud!

I needed to get a handle on it, but how do you find more time in an already-packed schedule?

Here’s what I did: 

  •  I dedicated time to writing once a week. I put it into my schedule as an appointment that I couldn’t miss, even if I wanted to. Just like I am doing right now as I’m writing this to you.
  • I also found an accountability group and an accountability buddy to help with whatever I was keeping myself accountable for – I just asked them to hold me accountable for my content.
  •  I would write when I was inspired. Sometimes it was really hard just to sit there and write. So, regardless of what time it was or where I was, I would whip out a notebook and pen or my phone and start writing (I still do this!). I have been known to write a blog while doing a workout at the gym and while on a morning run (I have to record and transcribe those!).

The best thing you can do is start to create writing habits that suit you.

TIME SAVED: Many (many, many) hours!

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