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Use simple SEO and Social Media Marketing techniques the right way | EC Writing Services

Should you use SEO or focus on Social Media Marketing? The answer may surprise you … It’s both!

Some businesses will choose to focus on one strategy over the other without realising that both SEO and social media marketing strategies play an important role in increasing traffic to their website. 

Instead of making this mistake, here are some simple techniques for quality SEO and social media marketing. This will maximise your ability to reach your target audience and generate more traffic to your website. 

It was discovered that 75% of people aged 18-26 used social media sites to find recommendations on products before making a purchase in a report by Econsultancy.

In another report by Econsultancy, 61% of consumers use search engines to help them in product research before making a purchase. 

What does this tell us? That SEO and social media marketing both play a huge role in online business, but they each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look.

  • You can target a demographic through social media more specifically than you can through SEO.

Most social media platforms allow you to create ads that specifically target people within a certain demographic who will be interested in your niche.

SEO is not quite as targeted. Although you can certainly target those interested in your niche, you generally cannot target a specific demographic.

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  • SEO requires less ongoing work than social media marketing.

With social media, you’ll have to plan and post regular content consistently because posts have a short shelf life. While there are tools available that can make this process easier, you still have to do this on a consistent basis.

SEO, on the other hand, will require initial work, but once you start to rank your web pages, there will be less ongoing work involved.

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To rank well in Google it is better to write high-quality, long-form, SEO content but for social media marketing, short and punchy content with images and videos that engage your audience and encourage them to share within their networks is the best way. 

Both strategies have their pros and cons but when used together, they work as an awesome team to help you reach a wide audience which will certainly improve the traffic to your website and increase your business!

It’s time to put your content first!

Does your content have a powerful Call-To-Action and a unique, SEO-friendly headline?

If you do, that’s amazing. But if that’s all you have in your social content – a one-liner and a sales pitch, that’s not enough for the online world and certainly not enough for your customers to get to know you, notice you and take action.

There’s a lot that goes into content of any type, as you already know. Valuable, storytelling and actionable content are a few buzzwords in the online world for every business owner.

WOW, content needs time, effort and patience, but quick and simplified frameworks can help you get there faster and reap wonderful results.

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