Writing to your target market (aka Business Besties)

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To attract your ideal customers – (I call these your business besties; you know, the ones who love you, pay their bills on time, take your word as the expert and sing your praises to anyone who will listen?) – you need to produce marketing collateral that is going to appeal to them on their level.

That means you must find out exactly what they’re looking for and what they need help with, so you can have a website, blogs, social media, ebooks, intro letters, email series, videos and so on that are their perfect match – and solve their problems.

To do that, you need to know your audience (target market and ideal customers) super well – I would even go so far as saying know them in an intimate way – virtually, of course. After all, if you don’t know who your ideal customers are, how can you provide what they are searching for?

Do you know your business besties?

If you’ve been in business for a while, you may already know who these people are. They’re the ones who see the value in your efforts and invest in what you are offering.

They feel delighted and energised after seeing you, they trust you, they pay their bills on time, they show up to their appointments early, they pay what you are asking, they give referrals… all the good stuff. In short, you love working with them and they love what you are all about.

This is your audience – these are the people you want to target with your content. The more your content reflects these ideal customers, including the language they use and even the images they’ll respond to, the better you’ll reach them.

Hot tip: Think of your ideal client – who is it? Picture them while you write; like you are writing them a direct letter.

You need to know more than just their gender and age. You need to know how they talk, what they read, what makes them tick, what their biggest problem is and what they’re looking for.


Gender – Male or female?

Age – How old are they, or which age group do they fall into?

Where do they live – Metro, regional or country? Break it down again to city and state. Do they own or rent? What type of dwelling do they live in?

Educational background – Do they have a degree? Did they finish school? Are they self-taught?

Family background – Are they married, single, divorced or de facto? Do they have children or grandchildren? Where are their parents? Do they have brothers and sisters?

Cultural heritage – Where were they born? What nationality are they? What are their beliefs?

Social status – Where do they hang out? Are they extroverted or introverted? Do they go to the movies? Do they like a beer after work? Do they entertain at home? Are they on social media?

Hot tip: Are you friends with them on social media? You can really find out a lot about a person by what they post on their social platforms.

What would you do with this information?

Why, you would add it to your content or write about it, of course.

For example, just say your Business Besties are predominantly women who like socialising, travelling and drinking wine with their best friend who is their sister. {PS – you will get to know this information over time}

You will have a better chance of connecting with them if you include some of these aspects into your content.

For example: A social media post.

Crack open the bubbly … my sister (who is also one of best friends) is joining our EC Writing Services Team. You’re going to love her … because just like you she loves to travel and is actually off to Malaysia at the end of the month! Please help me welcome her! Here’s the all the goss on the blog >>> read it here!

Let me tell you one of mine…before Janja there was Abbey!

Her name is Abbey

She is now a friend of mine, but was an acquaintance before she was a client. We met while I was in the media … she wanted to meet me so ultimately I could do a story on her. I declined a couple of times (we are so busy as editors and journos that it’s not physically possible for us to get out of the office and meet all of our sources). Anyhow, I ended up going – and writing a story on her then-business. From there we formed a great relationship, often keeping in touch. She got me to write her website content, her resume and a few other content writing pieces.

I like working with Abbey because she is a savvy business chick who loves all things beauty. She understands her time is precious and that it can be better spent on money-making ideas rather than content writing and so she outsources that job (to me!). She refers people to me, she still gets me to do writing jobs for her, she pays her invoices on time and positions me as the writing expert, but above all she’s fun and funky.

My ideal clients are established business women between 30-60 years, who are tech savvy, understand the importance of outsourcing, live in metro areas, have a pet (usually a dog), are de facto or married, often have 1-3 children, enjoy shopping, cocktails, tea or coffee, hanging out with their friends and family, going out for dinner, reading magazines, exercising (they usually have gym memberships or are into Pilates or yoga), surfing the net and growing their businesses. They have mortgages and a decent mid-range car.

Do you know yours? This is something we cover in my courses … in fact, any course you book into will give you a good dose of finding and working with your business bestie!


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