The 4 types of content you must write for better results

The 4 types of content you must write – EC Writing Services

Hot tip: The types of content you create need to capture attention, have an impact and compel people to want to work with you.

“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.”

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– Jack KerouacThe Dharma Bums

Writing needs to be simple. Probably easier said than done though, right?! But if something isn’t simple, we tend not to do it!

In this updated blog, I want to make writing content for your emails, blogs and social really simple – especially if you don’t know what to write or don’t have time to write!

If you can’t find the right words … read on now!

Did you know that there are four types of posts that you need to be putting out there online? This is especially important when it comes to social media!

When it comes to content, it is not simply a matter of figuring out the plan and the topics that you want to discuss, but it is more about the type of posts that are really important and integral to the success of your content and also getting a desired result for you. 

This means more leads, more signups, more clients and ultimately, more product sales. It is also about making sure that there is a desired outcome for the person on the other end of your content.

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Let’s take a look at the four types of content you should be publishing…

1 – Value posts (Emotional and thought-provoking)

When you are creating your plan, you should think about the different types of posts that you’re putting out there. Keep in mind that you should not post all of them at the same time. 

To be effective and successful, you need to publish a variety of different posts. For example, don’t post motivational quotes for your inspirational posts; try to mix it up a little! 

The following are some examples of some emotive and thought-provoking pieces that you can create:

Stories: Everyone loves a good story, and this can be used to build on emotions. Alternatively, you could share your own thoughts and ideas in your post, and they will definitely provoke other people’s thoughts, depending on the mistakes you’ve made and the lessons that you’ve learned. 

Before and afters: Before and afters work really well in stories by grabbing people’s emotions and attention when they see the weight you have lost. Weight loss before and afters have a massive “wow” factor, and they create amazement in readers, which really draws out emotions.

Facts: While it is always a great idea to share your thoughts, opinions and feelings, many people read your posts to gain information and to find out more about your field of expertise. Your content should be a combination of factual material to educate and subjective content to connect. 

2 – Results-driven content

Testimonials and case studies: These could be reviews happening, testimonials or case studies from Google or Facebook. We recommend cutting and pasting these and using them in your content (specifically your social media content).

Your own results: This involves sharing your own results that you have had in your business or in your area of expertise. This shows you can do what you say you’re going to do, and that you’ve got the proof. In doing so, you can show people that you can actually prove that what you do works and works well!

3 – Promotion posts

These are posts that you want to create to really bring awareness to your business and what you do. And you must promote your business and offerings through your content. You can do this by using:

Problem posts: This involves anything to do with problems, issues, challenges, obstacles or objections – show how your products and services can help overcome these.

Mistakes posts: These could be mistakes that you have made, or mistakes that your clients make, and then also how you actually fix those mistakes. These can be in the form of tips that you share – and always link back to your products and services.

Statistics: Sharing and quoting statistics has the powerful effect of backing up and validating whatever you are stating in your post. By quoting statistics, your readers will be far more likely to believe what you say and will see you as a trustworthy authority. Remember to then link back to your offerings.

4 – Entertaining content

Personal images: We’re on social media to be social, and we want to see what people are up to. Sharing personal images (like your family, dog, cat, etc.) shows your human side and makes you more relatable. 

Funny memes: These are funny jokes and sayings, and people love these! It also shows that you’re not just on social media for your business, but that you’re on there to be a real person and to connect with your readers. 

By using the above types of content in your social media plan, you will begin to notice that you get better monthly results from your content. Remember that the more you engage, the more people are drawn to you, thereby increasing your reach and your followers. 

As your audience begins to ask you questions about what you do and how you can help them, you will have amazing conversations with them that come naturally to you. In this way, the types of content your create is naturally driven and has more of an impact.

Types of content, EC Writing Services, Writing For Results, Wow School Global Elizabeth Campbell

Types of content: So what do you do now?

If your content is not working to get you the results you desire:

– more people opting into your list
– signing up for your products and services
– messaging you through your social media channels
– acquiring new clients and repeat business

It’s time for CHANGE!

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