Don’t waste time: Fix these 5 content writing issues

5 content issues to fix asap - Content writing tips with Elizabeth Campbell

BUSINESS QUESTION: What are the top 5 content writing trouble areas that business owners when it comes to content? 

  1. STRATEGY: Not knowing how to write content for your target market so they feel like they are getting amazing value, help and substance. 
  2. STYLE: Coming up with strategic content topics and ideas to get more engagement and interaction.
  3. SOUL: Not understanding how to deliver your message in a way that your audience (and you!) understand and identify with so you get major buy in and create “raving fans”.
  4. STRUCTURE: Writing boring, pushy or salesy content that leaves you with the sound of crickets. 
  5. SALES: Not having a way to get your content in front of more people so you get more sales and new clients.

Which one do you identify with more? One, some or all! It’s OK, if it’s all of them too, by the way.

I understand, and don’t you worry, I have struggled immensely with these areas at certain points of my business career – and you would be surprised that it wasn’t too long ago that I made a major mistake with my target audience which actually left crickets and no sales after I had created a new workshop around a topic that was just too advanced for the people I was targeting.

But I got excited and went to market with it anyway, without talking to my business besties (aka target audience) to see what would benefit them.

I couldn’t believe it – here I was making the same mistake as some of my clients. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

But one day I nailed these 5 content writing areas

  • I had attracted the right audience. 
  • I had a plan for my content and topics that my audience was interested in.
  • I understood my message how my words landed with people who knew or didn’t know me.
  • I followed a structure to write quickly and easily.
  • I had a plan on how to promote my content to get it in front of more people (with and without ads).

Finally, I’d reached the Holy Grail of content!

Here’s how my content writing strategies came together:

1.  Talked to over 1000 business owners in a year to understand what was worrying them about content. I listened intently to their words and I took heaps of notes.

2. Honed in on the words I was putting out there and matched them to what my audience was saying and asking for.

3. Started doing more with my content so it got out to the right people, but also without losing any of my valuable time.

These are the 3 main areas I focused on and even to this day, if I am launching something new, I look to these areas first.

It works a treat for engagement, interaction and results (aka sales and clients).

Your content writing can do the same thing for you too

Is your content mediocre, boring, pushy, too salesy or non-existent because of time, lack of experience, scared to put yourself out there or you would prefer to do walk the dog…

It’s time to get serious about content and commit to it in 2020.

Maybe you’re just starting your content writing journey, and you need to get the foundations right or you just need some planning direction for 2020. Never fear, you are not alone and I have something for you to consider.

content writing

The complete content strategy course

My Wow Words content planning and writing course is a complete content strategy course that you can duplicate for any content project to quickly plan and write share-worthy, clickable content that gets you engagement and converts into leads and clients.

It is a 4-part content planning and writing, self-paced course to get more engagement from your social media content and reap the rewards of an abundance of leads and inquiries.

Who is it for?

  • Business owner
  • Service provider- productised website
  • Full-time corporate employee looking to start your business
  • Network marketer
  • Coach or mentor

Inside this 4-week easy and fast course you will learn how to:

  • Plan your social and online content in just 10 mins a week (once you get this strategy down it will only be 2 mins a week!).
  • Write social posts from our proven templates in just 10 mins a day and blogs from our template in 20 mins.
  • Devise topics that your target audience wants to help turn them into paying clients.
  • And get a proper content and promotion plan in place to get even better results from your content.

What does the course cover?

  • A content and promotion plan and strategic topics your audience is attracted to.
  • Your personal message/s and how to insert those into your content to create an allegiance of people who love you, talk about you and buy from you.
  • Understanding your audience and how to find out what they actually need from you so you are always step ahead of them with your content.
  • Our tried, tested and proven planning and writing formulas, frameworks and templates that will have your audience saying “you read my mind” and “I’m ready to buy now” over and over again.

What’s included with your investment?

  • 10 x social media content writing templates
  • 1 x blog writing template
  • 1 x website content writing template
  • 1x story-writing template
  • Bonus: Content planning training and Content 2020 planner downloadable.3 x 2-hour Writing and Planning online workshops per year 
  • Access to the Wow Words Mini Course forever
  • PLUS so many other surprises

How is it delivered?

  • online workbooks
  • worksheets
  • webinars
  • videos

Become a content writing pro in just 4 weeks! Sign up to our course and get $100 off at the checkout. Just use the code MINI.

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