Nothing to say: How to bring on that elusive inspiration!

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“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

But this is often hard to do, right? What if it doesn’t have to be hard at all and all you need is a sprinkling of inspiration when you feel like you’ve got nothing to say?

It would be magical!

If you have trouble coming up with ideas, or you find you just have nothing to write about or nothing to say – I’ve got a challenge for you. Turn those limiting content beliefs into positive ones and play the opposites game.

Instead of staying, “I have nothing to write about” say “I have so much to write about and today I’m going to write about <insert a topic close to your heart here!>”.

You may think you have nothing to say, but you have SO MUCH to say and your voice is important!

– Elizabeth Campbell, The Word Stylist

You have so much to say. You have opinions and beliefs about what you do in business and why you do it.

You have frameworks and formulas that you follow that work to get results for you and your clients.

You have fantastic case studies, clients, and testimonials just begging to be made into a piece of content.

You have words of wisdom to share, your own stories, and many (many) experiences in life and business that are worthy to be put out there online so other people can feel worthy too.

You have heaps of ideas and so much to say.

Hence, you’ve alway got a lot to say, you may just not be saying it or know how to. So let’s uncover how to get around this issue.

Nothing to say? Dig deeper!

I encourage you to dig deeper. What’s the real reason you feel like you have nothing to say and no ideas?

  • Are you making time for your ideas to come to the fore of your mind? Do you write them down? Yes or No?
  • Are you listening to your clients and audience about what they need from you right now? Yes or No?
  • Are you sharing yourself and your stories? Yes or No?
  • Are you getting yourself into a state of inspiration? Yes or No?
  • Are you researching your niche and industry? Yes or No?
  • Are you making time for your content in general? Yes or No?

Make a mental note to answer yes or no to these questions.

Let me give you an example.

When I received an email from a beautiful wellness worker in the UK about her biggest issue – coming up with ideas and not having anything to write about – I started to think more deeply about this issue.

I can tell you what to do, but you have to be inspired to take action.

And so I asked her, how do you get inspired? Because when you are inspired, you come up with great ideas. Allow your subconscious thoughts to come to life, and you’ll want to write. Make time for your business and your content, and you’ll find your inspiration and get engaged feedback.

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When are you most inspired?

I feel most inspired when I’m out in nature and travelling. So now when I need inspiration and motivation for my content I go for a bushwalk or a ride on my bike.

Then when an idea comes to light or I have some fantastic words to write, I literally stop, pull out my phone and write it down in a Note. Then I carry on with my nature-time. When it happens again and I get a burst of inspiration, I stop again and write it down.

HOT CONTENT WRITING TIP: Write down your ideas as they come to mind. Otherwise, you risk forgetting them!

Last night, I couldn’t sleep. I had a great idea to enhance my Social Media Planner I’m giving to my Wow Words Membership and 4-week Writing For Results online course students.

I tossed and turned and said to myself, I’ll remember in the morning. But still, I couldn’t sleep. So I whipped out my phone, wrote it all down. Once it was out of my head and into my phone, I could sleep!

The biggest tip I can give you is to write when you are inspired.

If you have trouble feeling inspired, get yourself into a state of inspiration. But don’t wait for inspiration to catch you, inspire it regularly so it becomes a natural state!

How are you going to do that?

Try these things to feel more inspired:

  • Go for a bushwalk
  • Go for a ride
  • Listen to music
  • Listen to your fave podcast
  • Research your niche and topics online to see what others are doing
  • Do some meditation and visualisation
  • Do some yoga poses
  • List what you are grateful for

If none of these things work, think about the last time you were inspired. What made you feel that way? Then try and replicate it.

You have so much to say. You just have to stop, gather your thoughts, and be brave enough to say it!

So if you feel like your content writing problem stems from not knowing what to write about or not having anything to say, have a deeper think about why that is.

If it’s the inspiration you need – try some of the tactics in this post to overcome it.

If it’s another fear, check out this post on limiting beliefs and fears most business owners have when it comes to putting themselves out there online. This new year is about being fearless when it comes to your content writing – not letting fear get in your way of achieving the online business results you desire.

Freedom and more time await you if you can do that successfully. But it takes time and energy and sometimes money to do that.

Just know it will be worth it when you get there!

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Elizabeth Campbell, The Word Stylist, is an award-winning journalist, editor, and author of Wow Words on the Web. She helps business owners, coaches and course creators stand out, generate leads, and win more clients and opportunities through the power and beauty of words and online content.

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