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What do you do with a business + a divorce?

As I looked around my outdoor area and backyard in the suburbs of the Gold Coast having another cigarette and another coffee after another fight with my then-husband…I thought

I’m not meant to be here.

This is not my life.

I was meant to be doing something more but felt stuck in a dead-end and toxic marriage as a brand-new business owner. Separation. Divorce. New business. What a potentially deadly cocktail for disaster and failure.

The statistics don’t help … in Australia 80 per cent of new businesses fail in the first two years and almost 50 per cent of marriages end in divorce. You do the math! The odds aren’t good.

Anxious. Depressed. Afraid. Alone. But excited. This book is the self-help guide I couldn’t find for own journey of separation, divorce and running a business. So, I wrote it for me and for you.

If you are small business owner in the midst of separation and divorce, and you want to grow your business, love yourself and live your absolute best life … start now by reading The Divorce Diary: A Modern Business Woman’s Survival Guide to Separation, Divorce and Running Your Business.

The Story…

Life is funny what it can throw at you and even funnier with its timing.

In 2013, I started on a transformational journey I didn’t know I was about to take, but I knew I needed to take it.

Have you ever felt that way?

It started with my new business and then a divorce, and was the perfect recipe for a life disaster … a start-up emotional woman who had just left her marriage.

This is the book I had to write and is my story, one I know many people going through the same things will find solace and comfort in because business and divorce can be extremely frightening and lonely.

It is the self-help book I couldn’t find.


When it comes to being in business and going through one of the most traumatic times of my life (divorce is one of the 5 most stressful things you can go through in your lifetime) – there was just nothing out there at the time on how to run a business and what I needed to do.

So I wrote it myself.

It contains some of my diary entries, hence the name. Some of the darkest days I can ever recall, followed by some of the most amazing times of my life.

It will teach you practical business and personal tips to go through your separation and divorce while being savvy and gracious, navigate your life (it’s a whole new ball game being single let me tell you), get strong mental health and capacity, and most of all GROW your business.

My also life changed in ways I could never imagine and in one way, shape or form, and yours will too.

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If this is your reality right now no matter what stage of business or your separation you are … The Divorce Diary can help.

Author: Elizabeth Campbell

Award-winning journalist and editor Elizabeth Campbell spent more than 16 years married to the media telling people’s stories and mentoring up-and-coming writers. When she left the media to be in her business full-time in July 2013, and deep down she knew it was only the start of a journey of self-love, growth and success on a level she could never predict. Within a month she was on her own, separated, running a new business and in the throes of being divorced and single…and it was going to take every inch of her strength and being to succeed.  The Divorce Diary is the story she had to tell.