The 4 types of content you need for wow-factor online

The four types of content you need for wow-factor online

Did you know there are four types of online content you need to publish to build trust, stand out, create an impact, get results, and do more of what you love sooner?

No?! Well, you are lucky my friend! In this post, I’m giving you the four types of content you need in your repertoire.

Value content

The number one form of content you need to write is value-packed content.

So what, pray tell, is value content?

This is about sharing your knowledge, experiences, expertise, and little hacks to make your audience’s lives better, easier, and more fulfilled.

Value content looks like: 

  • Tips
  • Hacks
  • Steps and models
  • How to’s
  • Checklists
  • Templates
  • Frameworks
  • Formulas

Results-driven content

You need to share results to get results.

If your content isn’t getting you results – that is CASH: Clients, Applicants/inquiries, Sales = Happiness – you might not be showing people what you can actually do to help people. As in, show them.

How do you feel when you see a post on social media showing results? Excited, proven, trusted. Anything else?

It’s time for you to show your best results and social proof!

  • Client results
  • Your own results
  • Graphs
  • Number of sales
  • Number of people you have worked with
  • Case studies
  • Testimonials
  • Client love
  • Your why/transformation

Are you taking snapshots of the messages or the comments you receive on social media?

Do you ask your clients for testimonials?

Have you done any case studies or transformations you have helped your clients achieve?

There’s never been a better time to start than now!

Entertainment-focused content

So here’s where you get to have some fun. If your content isn’t fun, you’re not going to feel like doing it. Plus, you won’t get instant results. You’ll find your most engaging posts with lots of likes, shares, and comments are entertainment-focused – memes anyone?!

Have you noticed that?

If you are only sharing business posts and sales posts, now it’s time to show people that you are a human being, a person with interests who has fun and enjoys a joke and good times (whatever that means to you)!

So here’s where you get to share info about your life, what you enjoy, and what makes you laugh!

  • Memes
  • Stories
  • Lifestyle images
  • Jokes
  • Funny facts
  • Questions
  • Trivia
  • Quotes

Promotion content 

And last but not least, you NEED promotion and sales content in your little black book of content writing!

If your content is not getting you the results you desire, clients, sales, leads, inquiries, and opportunities, it’s time to introduce promotion content to your list of posts each week.

This is what promotion content looks like:

  • Promo post
  • New blog or podcast post with a link
  • Sales content
  • Product of the week
  • Ads
  • Posts to free downloads and other lead magnets

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–     Past strategies aren’t working anymore


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