The 4-step writing structure to transform your content

The 4-step writing structure to transform your content | EC Writing Services

“Structure and discipline give us freedom” – Andy Fox

It’s true having a writing structure, or a recipe if you will, frees up your time to do all the other things you love and enjoy.

In this blog, you will learn how to write a piece of content quickly and easily using my proven content writing structure – the Word Styling Hourglass Figure (I’ve even had it trademarked; it’s so effective).

  1. What is the Word Styling Hourglass Figure writing structure?

Did you know: The number one issue many business owners have with their content is they don’t know how to structure it, and that’s because they miss some really important ingredients to get it right.

Introducing you to the Word Styling Hourglass Figure. The hourglass figure is a writing structure to help you write better content.

Having and using a structure will help align your content and business goals so you only create connected content that shows your credibility, knowledge, and experience.

It will also help you get your desired results from your marketing efforts – more leads, more clients, and more opportunities from your content.

  1. Why is writing to a structure important?

Imagine that you wanted to cook duck a l’orange for the first time, or tofu a l’orange for my vegetarian/vegan friends.

What would you do first? Google a recipe or grab a recipe book. If you tried to make the dish without a recipe it probably wouldn’t turn out quite right.

It’s the same with your content and copywriting… you can try to write without a structure and you may have some success… but following an easy, proven writing frame will just make honing your skills so much easier and make writing quicker. Not to mention, you’ll get better results because you’ll always remember what to put in to make sure your copy has the greatest impact!

  1. How can you get started using the Word Styling Hourglass Figure?

This is what the simple 4-step writing structure that will change your life looks like!

1. Write a great headline to capture attention and intrigue readers.


  • Simple and direct
  • Creative and compelling
  • Solve problems
  • Use your keywords(on-page SEO)

2. Make the lead paragraphs strong to keep readers’ attention.


  • The first sentence must keep your readers’ attention
  • Its job: convince and compel to read on
  • Use a “hook”

3. Tell the story and write it in a way that makes it easy to read and is well-formatted.


  • Short and punchy sentences
  • Use dot points/numbered list
  • Sub-headers
  • Use bold and italics

4. Add a very clear and strong call to action.


  • Give your readers direction
  • Be more creative than just “book here” or “sign up now”.
  • Use the word “you” a lot!
  • Relate your CTA back to the purpose of your piece of content.

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