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We pride ourselves on a caring, inspiring and entrepreneurial atmosphere in anything we do at EC Writing Services.

We are passionate about bringing out the very best in our clients’ writing ability and business growth, through our supportive and dynamic team members who are scattered all over the globe – living their best life too!

ECWriting Services

EC Writing Services was officially founded in 2013 by Amazon Bestselling Author, award-winning journalist and editor and The Word Stylist Liz Campbell.

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In July 2016, Liz launched her Wow School Global programs, leading business growth, content strategy and writing programs, which focus on delivering simple, easy-to-implement, tried, tested and proven content marketing and writing strategies for savvy, action taking business owners.

The values we live by at ECWriting Services


To always be having fun
even when we are


Everything we do reflects style and beauty. Because when it looks good, it feels good too.


Act like a family, support and look after  each other, coach each other and treat our clients like family too.


Always choose to be optimistic and reach for a higher feeling of happiness. As Marie Forleo says, “Everything is figureoutable”.

Respect and honesty

Have respect for each other, our clients, the business, and people, animals and the planet in general. Own up to our mistakes, accept them and move on.


Ge grateful for every opportunity this business, our clients and life gives us. Write with gratitude and be grateful for what we create together.

Communication and conversation

Have effective conversations and be outstanding communicators online, with team and clients, our followers and people in general! We strive for a high level of customer service and that 
WOW-FACTOR experience.

Elizabeth Campbell ECWriting Services and Wow School Global - you have a voice


Writer // owner


Every person on the planet deserves to have their voice heard. I believe it is a basic human right and I treat it as a privilege. Not everyone has this freedom for their fear, culture, ability or position in life. We aim to give this life essential to you.

Meet the Wow Team - your dream content specialists!

Ee Zen

PA and Projects


Wow Writer


Social Media
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Sanity Saver (PA and project manager) –
Ee Zen

Ee Zen is a whiz with systems, operations, processes and our inbox where all the magic happens.

Hi, I’m Ee Zen and I love to talk about systems because systems are your secret weapon to getting more done, serving more clients, feeling less stressed so you can accelerate your business to the next level.
They are your SANITY SAVER!

I help to map out and streamline operation workflows to improve productivity and create valuable assets. I absolutely love what I do because it gives me the opportunity to share my message and see people become the best version of themselves.

I have 10+ years’ experience in streamlining systems and processes, as well as implementation, improvement and maintenance.

Best marketing tip: Be real and authentic when socialising/networking with other people.

Advice to your younger self: Stop worrying so much and have a go.

How do you want to have an impact in the future? My vision is to provide job opportunity to mobile disability people so they can have a second chance in their career path.

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Head Wow Writer, Shazia

Shaz (as she is affectionately known, has been with The Wow Team for many YEARS – and we are so proud of that. She is our Head Wow Writer and a Word Stylist at heart. She writes across a wide range of topics and industries, but her secret weapon lies with every keyboard stroke… She just has the writing love and knack. Shaz has been writing for as long as she can remember and penned a book when she was a teenager!

1.     What is your role, why do you love it and what makes it original? I am a writer. I love writing because every client and project is unique, different and exciting. I learn so much just from the research that I put into each piece. 

2.     How long have you been a writer and what’s been your biggest learning experience? I’ve been a writer for my entire life — when I was a teen I created a 40-page “book” with my cousin that I was very proud of. At first, I loved the idea of writing fiction, but as I developed my skills I’ve found that I enjoy research writing. Out of university, I wrote my way around the world by freelancing during a gap year trip. At one point I was creating content for 10 different companies/individuals–I felt like a true writer, and I was so grateful to each of those clients for trusting me with their content! 

3.     What’s your best marketing tip? Get on the phone. Opportunities happen when you reach out to others and make connections — you can have amazing content, beautiful branding and a killer value proposition, but connections are the real difference-maker. 

4.     What piece of advice would you give to your younger self? Don’t be afraid of putting yourself out there, and trust that you have something valuable to offer to others. 

5. How do you want to have an impact in the future? I’d love to create a business around something I’m passionate about. I’m passionate about a lot of things so it’s hard to settle on one topic — but I’m confident that I’ll figure it out!

6. How do you know Liz? Liz and I met via Upwork when I was searching for new freelancing opportunities. She’s a joy to work with!

Social Media Queen and content writer – Akshaya

Akshaya is a wow words wiz and social media queen – nothing is too great for her to accomplish. She writes for our clients and looks after Liz’s Facebook ads and social media content too! 

Her superpower is that she always wants to learn … Know anything about Pinterest? No, but I’ll make it my job to learn all about it!

Why do you love what you do? For as long as I can remember, I have always reminded myself to only take up opportunities that truly make me happy – and writing sure does keep me sane, at peace and happy! I enjoy helping people bring their ideas and vision to life in a world where social media and content marketing holds so much value.

How long have you been a writer? What started off as a penchant for reading books since I was 5 years old, writing letters to stay connected to my family and friends who lived across the world and writing stories and debate scripts for competitions – without even realising it, I had fallen in love with the English language and the power of words. I have been professionally writing for over 4 years now, mostly about Entrepreneurship, Travel, Food, Health and Lifestyle.

What’s your background? Even though I pursued a degree in Political Science, I found my calling in three different industries – I worked as a Tour Guide for a few years, worked with an urban farm to advocate sustainable, organic and climate-friendly solutions for food production and consumption, and jumped into content and social media as a part-time freelancer.

What advice would you give your younger self? Let go of the need to be perfect and don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are not worth it. Work as hard as you can, learn as much as possible and deliver to the best of your abilities – and know that you did all that you could.

How do you know Liz? Liz and I online in April 2019. As I found everything about EC Writing Services fascinating, genuine and a great learning experience, around six months later I quit my job and decided to team up with her to pursue my love for writing. I could not be happier about joining this amazing and supportive team to help take Liz’s mission forward!


All-Things-Digital Expert – Mel

Mel is our ATD (all things digital) go-to superwoman! She knows everything about the digital space and looooves social media like no one we know!

Why do you love what you do? I get to help people who are doing great work in the world and are helping others.  And I love making tech things – which can sometimes seem overwhelming and unattainable – approachable for businesses who don’t want to work with large agencies.

How long have you been a digital expert and what’s been your biggest learning experience? I’ve been working with WordPress since 2009 and building websites full-time since 2016.  I’ve learned that it’s better to focus your skills on a few key areas rather than trying to do everything and spreading yourself very thin.

What’s your best marketing tip?Talk about what you do – a LOT.  Not everyone who knows you in real life knows what you do in your business. And explain it succinctly so that someone who isn’t in your industry can understand it.

What piece of advice would you give to your younger self?Learn widely, read a lot about things that aren’t related to your immediate interests.  Everything is connected somehow.  Eat the cake.  Do the yoga classes.  Don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself just because everyone else is scared of looking silly.

How do you want to have an impact in the future?I want more women to be involved in the tech space. I’d love to teach web design at universities or schools.

How do you know Liz? I met Liz online and have worked as part of her virtual team for years.

Do you need help with your content? Get in touch and let’s figure it out together!