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Business owners, it's time to be wowed with Wow Words™️!

EC Writing Services was officially founded in 2013 by Amazon bestselling author, award-winning journalist, The Word Stylist Liz Campbell with a mission to write WOW Words™️. 

In 2016, she launched Wow School Global, a leading content writing course platform for action taking business owners who want WOW results.

If you’re ready to step up your copywriting game – it’s time for you to say WOW too! {like these women did!} 👇

EC Writing Services and Wow School Global clients

A message from founder, Liz Campbell

Every person on the planet deserves to have their voice heard. I believe it is a basic human right and I treat it as a privilege. Not everyone has this freedom for fear, culture, ability or position in life. 

At EC Writing Services and Wow School Global, my team and I aim to give this life essential skill to you through our copywriting courses, templates and writing services. There is nothing we love more than to help you tell your story and share you amazing Wow Words™️.

Elizabeth Campbell Wow Words on the Web book

I love attending Liz’s writing workshop each month and look forward to them knowing that I’ll get a writing assignment, such as a specific social media post, a sales post or a blog, completed.

That is satisfying in itself but the best is learning strategies from Liz who is generous, encouraging, and a master.

I love the ‘on the spot’ ideas and feedback on my work. My writing has improved out of sight and I now have confidence in expressing my ideas, sharing my voice through my writing.

Lauren Write Wow WordsLauren Bell,
Author and wealth coach

I knew Liz was the master when it came to shaping content to make it pop and making it read so much better. I invested with Liz because had an idea for a business and I needed to learn how to write so that I could set things up as well as progress in my course content creation. I also wanted to learn how to make things so routine that they become as easy as getting out of bed in the morning.

Jo Write Wow Words

Jo Martin,
Own Your Road

Here, we stand by these Wow Words™️...


To always be having, making time for and living with fun …
even when we are BUSY!


Everything we do reflects style and beauty. Because when it looks WOW (and reads well), you’ll feel WOW too.

🙏 Gratitude

Ge grateful for every opportunity this business and our clients give us. Write with gratitude and be grateful for what we create together.

✨ Positivity

Always choose to be optimistic and reach for a higher feeling of happiness. As Marie Forleo says, “Everything is figureoutable”.

🙌 Respect & honesty

Have respect for each other, our clients, the business, and people, animals and the planet in general. Own up to, accept and learn from our mistakes.

💬 Conversation

Have effective conversations online, with team, clients, followers and people in general! We strive for a high level WOW FACTOR in everything we do.

Love your energy, overall vibe, style, background, topics covered and professionalism. I want to learn and always want more content ideas to attract, engage and offer value to gain and retain clients, and that’s why I came to you. I also needed help to streamline and simplify my business content practices. Thank you!

Rebecca Write Wow Words

Bec Hassett,
– The BLIS Collective

I would highly recommend Liz, as The Word Stylist, who keeps it real and easy to understand. She’s generous and knows how to get you excited to get those results. Before I started this course (Writing For Results), I was struggling to find ways to come up with engaging content.  I now have so much clarity and am creating content easily. I’m loving working with Liz and so glad I joined Wow School. Best investment I’ve ever made. 

Dee Write Wow Words

Dee Wells,
Soul Whispers by Dee

I’m in Liz’s “Writing For Results” program and I have already seen sales results! I am planning my written content and using CTAs to get leads, customers and engagement. Thanks so much, Liz!

Rebecca Kelly,
Reignite Realit

Liz’s work ethic is always above and beyond. She’s easy to work with and her creative work is amazing. I purchased one of her courses and that has transformed the way I write and planning strategy. Thanks Liz! I would definitely recommend EC Writing Services to anyone who needs to improve their writing skills or content writing services.

EeZen Write Wow Words

Ee Zen Cha,
REAVA Solutions

Do you need help with your content? Get in touch and let’s write Wow Words™️ together!