5 characteristics of highly successful business owners

successful business owner

In this day and age it’s getting harder and harder to stand out, be different online and become a successful business owner.

There’s a few reasons for that:

  • More people are joining social
  • More businesses owners are using the same strategies
  • People are expecting more and more 
  • And anyone can be an expert at anything … you just have to learn, take a course and practice.

It’s the same with business and writing content. The longer you’re in business and the more you write content, the better you will be at both because you’re practicing those skills.

But just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

There are plenty of new businesses, or established successful business owners who are only getting into social media and content writing now, who are having remarkable results and a big impact.

And you can too. The way you get around this is to be a bit more strategic and think a little differently to everyone else.

As I talk to business owners online and in person, so many ask what the “secret” is and I have to say, while there are things you can do fast-track success online it still takes work and a formula to build your business and write content that supports your cause.

So in light of this, I’ve written you a piece of content on the areas successful business owners focus on, so you can do the same.

successful business owner

1) Successful business owners have a plan

  • Their plan is strategic and they follow it religiously.
  • Their team knows the plan and follows it.
  • They outsource to make more time for themselves.
  • They post regularly to social media, their blog and they have a website that is constantly being updated.
  • They have other forms of content or they have a plan to create more content.

Secret word to focus on: Strategy

2) Successful business owners know their style and who they are

  • They stand for something more than just having a business and making money (and it is reflected in their content)
  • They understand their target market and what their business besties need. 
  • They’ve got their message/s down pat.
  • They have a funnel and they test, measure and improve that funnel regularly.
  • They have had keyword research done and use their keywords in their content.
  • They know their Wow Words™.
  • They have a list of topics they can easily talk about online or off if they are called to.

Secret word to focus on:Style

3) Successful business owners have substance

  • Successful business owners have soul and substance to their content and words.
  • They deliver value-packed content, products and services. 
  • They share stories in a fun and engaging way.
  • They share personal details about their journey, life and business.
  • They are, at times, vulnerable.
  • They have a mix of content that goes out to their audience to engage them on different levels.

Secret word to focus on: Soul

4) Successful business owners follow the process

  • While they go off on their own path, they still follow the process or structures that have worked for others.
  • They engage and work with people who have gone before them.
  • They build their team.
  • They have their own IP templates, systems and processes.
  • They capitalise on those templates, systems and processes.
  • They take shortcuts and follow the leaders in an area they want to succeed in.

Secret word to focus on: Structure

5) Successful business owners are committed to sales

  • They don’t get offended by people who think they are too “salesy”.
  • Their content isn’t actually “salesy”.
  • They take negative comments in their stride and use it as an advantage and way to grow if needed.
  • They are strategic with their content so it gets the best mileage.
  • They monitor and track everything to see what is working and what needs improvement.
  • They get training they teach their team and they are alert to what people are saying to them.
  • They launch new products and services.
  • And try different things.

Secret word to focus on: Sales


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