Stop and celebrate your small wins

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You know what? I’m officially giving you permission to give yourself a break. Cut yourself some slack, you know?

Right this second, take a moment to celebrate a little win. Sorry to sound bossy, but do it now!

I don’t think anyone does this enough. It’s easy to get wrapped up the being busy, working, running your business, growing it, looking after clients, mentoring, networking, blogging, podcasting and everything else business related you do, plus keeping a handle on your personal life too.

That’s the name of our game as entrepreneurs – and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Ever. I love my life.

But it’s super important as biz owners that we stop and celebrate the little wins we have – and trust me we have plenty of them on a daily basis.

Every day we need to stop and think about that cool thing we did, even if we think it’s minuscule, it’s doesn’t matter.

Here’s how in 9 quick steps that will only take a matter of minutes:

  1. Stop for a couple of minutes.
  2. Sit quietly.
  3. Think about the amazing things you’ve accomplished in the last week.
  4. Write them down.
  5. Stick them on your wall or write them on a whiteboard – make sure you can see them.
  6. Tell yourself you’ve done a great job.
  7. Smile (you’re amazing!).
  8. Take a deep breath and get back into it.
  9. Refer to those notes every day and add to them. You will be so surprised at what you’re actually getting done.




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