10 MORE pieces of content to help you stand out online

EC Writing Services -10 MORE pieces of content to help you stand out online

QUESTION: If you had the confidence to try your hand at any type of content, what would you do?

Blog? Podcast? Videos? Online course?

For me, it would be a podcast and an online TV show.

Last week, we gave you 10 content ideas to have a go at in 2020. This week, here’s another 10!

1.      eBook or mini eBook: I love a good eBook… These can be small or large. I just put an eBook together the other day. It’s 12 pages on how to promote your online content after you’ve written it.

2.      eMag/eZine: Why can’t you start your own magazine to showcase your information and expertise – while also earning extra revenue through ads and sponsorships.

3.      Resources section: Choose several pieces of premium content to sit on your website. It might be your best blog posts, a report, an eBook or online articles you guest wrote for a top source.

4.      Top 10, 50 or 100 list/5 steps/checklists: These could sit in the Resources section of your website and be broken up into a number of blog posts and social posts.

5.      Newsletter: You don’t necessarily have to call it a ‘newsletter’. You can call it whatever you like. I call mine the Word Style File, and it comes out every week. You can get access here

6.      Poll, survey or quiz: A great way to get ideas for your content and to see what your target market is up to and what they want to know.

7.      Brochure: But don’t make it just a sales mechanism. Be more creative than that. Make it like a mini book – informative and educational rather than a sales document. The trend is to give people value – not sell to them.

8.      Report/white paper: Publish research you have done that has netted you awesome results and statistics. You can turn a report into a number of other content creations such as blog posts, videos and audio files.

9.      Guest articles: When I first started out in business, I guest blogged a lot to build my credibility and also my confidence for putting out content to a new audience. (It was different from the media audience, and it made me nervous!) You can add this content to a Media section (after you get approval).

10.    Workshops and keynote speeches: You can take each piece of content you create and turn it into a workshop or keynote speech. Record it and add it to your Resources section.


HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I hope you are taking some time for yourself … but if you are shutting down over the festive season and you’ll be working on your business, I’ve got three things for you to get stuck into:

1. Read my book: Wow Words on the Web. It will help you get your head around how content writing will grow your business and presents a step-by-step guide to making it work for you, whatever your business.

2. Learn to write stories: Want the 5 simple steps to writing stories that sell? Find out how the 3-hour Story Shift course will help you write better content quicker.

HOT TIP: Stories are the life-blood of content – they attract and relate, inspire and motivate, and show that we are human. If you are not telling stories in your content – there’s never been a better time to start. Get access here!

3. Writing templates: Choose a template from The Content Shop and just go for it! There are templates for social media posts, your website homepage, blogs and more!  

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Meanwhile, if you have your plan and strategy nailed and want to step it up and introduce these advanced forms of content to your repertoire, join the waitlist for our signature course, the 8-week Content 2 Ca$h online experience course.

This is the complete online experience. The course is sales-focused and presents the 7 pieces of content you need for a successful online presence and stand-out profile.

It’s closed for 2019 but will reopen in March, 2020.

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