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This is the statement that made my coffee go down the wrong way sending me into a coughing fit …  making me go blue in the face … before falling off my chair. I could have died! This is … what I … heard.

There is so much content saturating the market and readers’ attention spans are at full capacity. There’s no way I can stand out in all that noise!

 OK. What?

OK, guys, we need to have a little chat. Yes, you’re right. There is a lot (a lot, a lot, a lot) of content out there. But, hellooo, there’s only one you with all your knowledge, sass and experience. Wouldn’t you agree? Wouldn’t you say you had something to offer your customers with all the content swimming around in your head? You are awesome!

So how do you stand out from the crowd, get your message out there and create content that sparks conversation, generates leads and boosts your business?

The only authentic way to shine is to produce consistently great content that’s reliable and engaging, complete with credible facts and sources.

Think you can’t do this because you don’t have the skills or the time to write, or the understanding around why content is here to stay?

Here is my low-down for writing on the web and how to do it with ease through 4 main points:


1. Pull it all together

Get your editorial plan together and come up with your very own formula. You just have to start, but you also need to know what your target market wants from your so a little research may be the order of the day. The way to online writing success is to measure what works and what doesn’t. Once you know these key points, your online content writing will be a breeze.

2.  Gathering ideas

This is the easy part! Think about what is happening in your industry. Any news? What about within your company? You can even pull a blog together about something hilariously funny that happened to you today.

3. Educate your people

Your readers don’t want to be sold to. They are done with that. They want to be educated, informed and entertained. They want news and information that packs a punch and creates value they can’t get anywhere else. They are looking at all platforms to get their fix—websites, blogs and social. They want to leave your site feeling more intelligent. Teach them some they don’t know.

4. The nuts and bolts

The old rules for writing still apply, just like they did when you were in English class. And, no, text speak does not qualify. Spelling, grammar and punctuation has never been so important, so make sure you have a good proofreader on your side.


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