Make Your Blog Stand out & Why it Matters

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Today there are millions of blogs on the internet, and most major companies have a blog to inform readers about their products and services.

Many common topics, as well as unique topics, are covered online, and you can find almost anything that you’re looking for by reading blogs.

Dating, writing tips, how to get famous online, why your hair is falling out, where you can get those black shoes Gigi Hadid was wearing … well, you get my drift.

So why does it matter for your business? Think about this…

• Your blog can funnel traffic to your website or to a specific product or service that you’re trying to sell.
• Your blog posts have the potential to become “viral”, which means they could reach millions of readers.
• It gives you the opportunity to brand yourself.
• It can be used as a collaboration tool so that you can build partnerships and advertise for others (while they advertise for you).
• Blogs can be income-generating machines on their own, without an attached product or service. This is just one thing I teach at my blogging workshops!

Some people shy away from starting a blog because they figure that there are already so many of them… it’s as if every topic out there has already been covered!

Not true!

The truth is that new blogs are popping up daily. Some of these blogs become quite successful, even if they’re in a common niche.

So how do you make your blog stand out? Here are some tips and tricks…


1. Tell great stories and use catchy headlines

People love to read stories! They make you more relatable and human, and they draw readers in. Stories are an excellent way to demonstrate the value of what you’re offering without coming across as pushy or “sales-y”. A great story paired with an intriguing headline is sure to get eyes on your content.

2. Share, share, share!

One of the best ways to get your content out there is through links. Share your posts on your own social media, in groups, and in other forums where you know that people will be looking for the type of info you’re providing.
Also, use links to other websites (and to other parts of your own site) liberally throughout your content. This encourages interaction and gets readers to take a deeper look at who you are and what you do.
3. Be consistent
Many blogs have failed because of inconsistency. You should post often to keep readers coming back.  If you don’t post, your readers might forget about you and move on to a site that consistently provides content. If you need to take a break from blogging for whatever reason, just let your readers know – they’ll understand and they’ll love you for it!
4. Invest in your website
You don’t need to spend heaps of money to have a nice-looking site that ranks high in search results. Chances are that your biggest investment will be your time, but you also should think about how to make your site visually appealing to readers.
Use a clean format that is easy to navigate. Think about how you’ll get access to high-quality photos, and use those throughout your site. Nice photos are a great way for making your content stand out.
5. Use keywords
Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of those technical topics that you could research for hours, but basically, you want to make sure that you’re using terms in your content that people are actually searching for. Doing this strategically will help your content show up early in search results.
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