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I’m not sure if I’ve told you … I’m so excited to be speaking at the North Gold Coast Business Expo in August – it’s the first one ever!

How cool is that?

I’m part of a panel who’ll be talking about promoting your business and I bet you know what I’ll say is the best way … Content writing and word styling!

Networking and speaking are at the top of my marketing funnel. I honestly can’t speak highly enough of how these two things have changed my business; increasing my profile, workload and, in turn, income.

Without a doubt I leave every single networking event with either:

  1. Work. Plain and simple.
  2. The prospect of work. They want to speak with me more to see how we can best work together.
  3. A new relationship where someone isn’t ready to work with me just yet, but will be in a matter of weeks or months.

It’s very rare that one of these things doesn’t happen while I’m networking. If it doesn’t, I’m not in the right place – as in, I’m not hanging out with my business besties (that is, my target market and ideal customers).

Speaking comes next in the funnel for me.

Sharing my knowledge of 15 years in the media and five years of running my online content writing business is one of my greatest joys.

I absolutely love it. I feel empowered when people ask me questions and I can help with their word styling. I feel inspired that people want to hear from me (I can babble on for hours about writing if you let me!) and it motivates me to learn more so I can share more.

In turn, people tell me they are empowered, inspired and motivated after hearing me present. I love that. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Having said that speaking goes at the top of my marketing funnel because it is a great way to build my profile. You can do this online as in a webinar or offline like the North Gold Coast Business Expo I’m speaking at.

It’s through raising my profile that I get offered other cool opportunities like more speaking, work, new relationships, partnerships, ideas … the list is endless.

My friends tell me I network way too much. That’s their actual words. And while this may be true, I actually really enjoy it. I’m an extrovert so I get my energy from people and I find it totally exciting to walk into a room and not know anyone. I’ll make new friends easily enough, and if I don’t, again I’m not in the right place.

So I encourage you as a biz owner to put yourself out there a little more. Just take baby steps to start with.

Open the door on regular networking and speaking, even it’s sharing your knowledge through a videos series or webinars, but work up to an event. It’s super fun. And yes, I still get extremely nervous. I don’t know a speaker who doesn’t.

Try it. You never know what might happen, where it could lead or what you might discover. It could be incredible!


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