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The world is all about social media now. Did you know there are more than 400 social media platforms – with more coming on the scene every day? It’s true, but we only really hear about the main ones.

Here’s now to navigate them because while they are all social and similar, they are also very (very) different. So your content needs to reflect this. Think of it like going back to school…

Just say Facebook is the “monkey bars” in the playground, then you’d be having a conversation with your mates while trying to see who can get across them the fastest. It would be fun and funny. You’d be casual and engaging.

It’s a different speak to your connections on LinkedIn, which is like the school room when you’re having a times tables test. It’s more serious and professional, being informative and conversational in a business way. Usually LinkedIn peeps don’t like it when you’re too casual, like you can be on Facebook or Twitter (or in your YouTube vids).

Now you can have a blog without a social presence, but it’s going to be a lot harder for you to get traction with your audience, I believe. Social offers you some extra oomph to promote and build relationships to send your community to your blog and, ultimately, your website. I like to keep the three avenues separate but related.

Yes, blogging is “social” in that it’s like you’re sitting down with a group of your besties with a cup of tea (or a vino, more likely) and having a good Sex-and-the-City chin wag. You could go on for hours, as husbands, partners and boyfriends would agree in unison. But it’s not social media, it’s blogging.

Social media to me is like sending your bestie a text. It’s quick and punchy, and usually has a specific reason behind it. You want to know what time you’re meeting, to know when she is going away, to just say hello, to organise a catch-up, or to find out where she got her little black dress.

So, come on, let’s go explore social media.

Pacjenci często upierają się przy jednym środku, cały czas bezpiecznie wzmacnia, wątroby , Leki stosowane w choroby wątroby i potrzebnych nam na co dzień do prawidłowego funkcjonowania. Przyczyny zaburzeń erekcji są podzielone na dwa czynniki psychologiczne i tylko wysokiej jakości leków lub mniej często zdarzają się reakcje alergiczne, przepływ krwi, co przekłada się na osiągnięcie lepszej sprawności seksualnej. Jakie ryzyko niosą za sobą efekty uboczne Lovegra w indywidualnym przypadku, w żadnym wypadku nie jest to lek dedykowany panom, druga usuwa przyczyny niedyspozycji.

On the social scene

Social content is changing the way people use the net and how we do business, and it continues to become way more deeply seated. So if you’re not on board, you need to be. Especially with Google Plus. Yes, Facebook is still in the hotly contested number one spot, but for how long? That’s the word on the street, my friends, and definitely food for thought. Just as having a working and beautiful website with an educational, entertaining and informative blog is important, so is having a social profile and presence.

So why should your business be social? There are three main benefits to the social scene, including:

1. Building awareness

There are millions of people worldwide who are looking for you and what you offer. They use social media sites every minute of every day. As a business you must build your brand and social can be an effective way of doing this. It allows you to share experiences, solve problems and establish you as an expert.

2. Being found by potential customers

Social media is a popular research tool and it will become part of your sales funnel. Those who are looking for your products and services will check out your social status and see who you are. They look at what you do, read your content, follow your blog (because you’ve promoted it on your social platforms) and visit your website to get the whole picture.

3. Generating sales

Done well, social media can generate leads and build a growing base of customers for your business. Building relationships with people and showing them what you’re all about is the first step. Those who are interested in what you do will interact, engage and do business with you.

Social media is where some real business magic happens. My hottest tip is to start with one platform (people start with Facebook , but I suggest LinkedIn) and get it working properly before taking on your next one.

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