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Where to start when it comes to your content journey!

Five days of purposeful fun – that’s FREE! So, you’re a business owner who’s got a good thing going, but something is missing? You figure it’s that thing they call rapport … engagement … a connection with your target audience.

Ta-daaa … enter social media to the rescue!

You know you could have … should have … was tinkering with the idea of social media, but there are a few things getting in your way.

Maybe you DON’T KNOW what to put out on social media … Maybe you DO but don’t quite know how to say it?

Let’s cut out the excuses and come together for this virtual LIVE social media content writing challnege on Facebook starting Jan 7.

Here’s what’s we’re going to do over the FIVE days



​​​​​​​Are you a systematic person? Or more the spontaneous type? Do you rely on inspiration to produce your content? Or more perspiration?

Don’t rely on whim or weather. We’ll provide you with a Weekly Social Media Template you can use over and over again!



Do you feel like you’re trying so hard and using so many words that just don’t get cut-through … people are not listening!

It could be that you’re intellectualising or over-researching. This is social media, after all, it needs to be social and ocnversational! Let’s cut to the chase and get your point of difference out there!



Your audience is up to their neck with being sold to and having products and services pushed in their face. We don’t do that on social media. On social you talk with them, you humour them, and most of all you show them you care.



At this point you know WHAT you want to say. But HOW are you going to “frame” it? Learn how to speak directly to your audience so you get through to them clearly, naturally and sincerely. And hey, you don’t need more than 5 minutes to do that! It doens’t need to be time consuming!

Remember to join us for the EXTRA LIVE WEBINAR ON FACEBOOK AT 7pm

Get the most from this challenge and join us for a special LIVE webinar where you can jump in and ask questions. Here’s where I’ll share hot tips, give my best info and share a surprise.



A racket in the hands of Roger Federer is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. In someone else’s, it may not amount as much! Same thing goes with your words. You have to learn how to use them so you create valuable content. In this module, our last module, I’ll teach you how to shape your words to bring in the results you are looking for.

What business owners are saying…

​​​​​​​I got more engagements

I have been participating in Elizabeth Campbell’s Free Content Writing Challenge and I’m loving it because it’s made me realise I’m needing more engagement from the people following my business pages and since starting the challenge it is happening. This course is great for anyone needing a bit of encouragement or to be steered in the right direction to gain new followers or wanting more interaction from followers to turn them into clients. Thanks Liz thoroughly enjoyed your challenge.

​​​​​​​Carly Morrison, Pyschic Dreaming,

It opened up my thinking

To have Liz cheering me on each day for 5 days has kick started my business BIG time!  I love it, because of the questions Liz asks and it REALLY makes me think… and re-evaluate what I am doing. Thank you so much Liz for creating this Challenge. I am getting soooo much value. Those who benefit include people who have become stagnant, stuck, procrastinating and want to overcome their fear of ‘social media’… this is a fantastic way to start – because you are supported each day.

Foxxy Karen-Eleoyze,

Awesome templates!

I loved the templates. Now I know exactly what to write about and have daily support from Liz. With the Facebook lives giving support and extra tips on how to refurbish our content, this challenge would help any business owner who is wanting to get their information out on social media platforms, doing it the right way and getting guidance while doing it.

Ellen Agius, ​​​​​​​

Your course is magic!

It’s a gift that keeps on giving … The thing is, I had no expectations because it was a free course and I just thought it would be a bit of information sharing. But by day 4, I had more page likes and engagements on all my socials and I got past my fear of doing live videos!

Anyone who might be starting a business, blog or any type of online venture NEEDS THIS COURSE. I could honestly go on and on.

Billi Milovanovic, ~Insta: @theblogofbildo

Ready for the secret hacks to social media content writing?

Sign up right now! This new challenge officially kicks off on January 7, 2019 with a LIVE call in the Facebook group at 9am, so we can do it together!

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