Sharing stories: Your junk can be your client’s treasure!

Sharing stories: Your junk can be your client’s treasure | EC Writing Services

Australia – We are truly blessed to call this big, wide stretch of land home and to experience its wonders.

For most of September and October, we have been travelling around Outback Queensland.

I’ve seen a lot. Cows and brolgas wandering through my Wow School Global live writing session last week <not even kidding!>, trekked down what felt like 1000 steps to the Pyramid swimming hole, a beautiful oasis that was a welcome treat in 35-degree heat at Porcupine Gorge, and found some 230 million-year-old fossils just on the side of the road at Hughenden (confession: we had a map and knew where to look for them and what to look for, but how awesome is that?).

My gorgeous PA, Ee Zen, asked me how I knew how old they were … ah, the brochure said so!

And we stopped for a quick selfie at the 2500km dingo fence, the longest in the world, called into Croc Dundee’s pub, The Walkabout Creek Hotel, but not before stopping at the billabong where Banjo Patterson penned the very famous Waltzing Matilda song.

We spent four glorious days at Lawn Hill Gorge, where I walked 21.5km and frolicked in the emerald-green waters with freshwater crocs and a one- metre-long barramundi <seriously, no word of a lie!>.

Then we headed across to Burketown, Normanton, and Karumba. It was a big trip, thousands of kilometres and into a country, I’ve never explored, and that’s exciting!

Travelling makes you richer. You learn so much. You meet people. You get opportunities that you may not otherwise get.

Like that time in Winton, when we visited Arno’s Wall.

Arno Grotjahn, the German man who created it,  collected other’s people trash from the local dump over many decades and turned it into his own treasure to create a wall outside his house that showcases car bodies, typewriters, sewing machines, perfume bottles, hub caps, toys, a bathroom sink – and SO much more.

It’s said that Arno was a creative genius and there are many works of art that live on in his house, which is now home to a crew of sheep contractors.

But it’s memorable because we just happened to be there when the guys were at home on a break and they invited us in to see the incredible collection of what many call junk.

But when you experience these works of art in person, somehow the organised mess (imagine cutlery welded on to a helmet, a 2m pile of bike handles, and even lightning arresters (that’s the proper name for those coil-like things you see on power poles) just made sense.

The contractors told us, “We don’t often let people come in because it’s our home, you know. The other day we had about 200 people ask if they could come in and we said no.”

WOW – THANK YOU! How cool is that?

What’s the moral of my story?

What you think is “junk” and boring, other people will find it incredibly interesting.

Share your stories and more of yourself and you will be rewarded.

5 stories you can start sharing today: 

  1. Your transformational journey 
  2. How you started your business 
  3. The biggest mistake you have ever made in your business 
  4. How you left your FT time job 
  5. The best lesson you’ve learned in your life  

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Do you want to learn how to write profit-driven content?

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  4. Promote your business in a way that rewards people and not repels them!

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