Running a business: I just hired my sister!

Running a business, I just hired my sister as my Customer Relationship Manager, Elizabeth Campbell, The Word Stylist 0427366824

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I am fortunate to be in a family of like-minded entrepreneurs who are each running a business. We bounce ideas off each other, keep motivated and energised, and now work together to grow eachother’s businesses.

I love teaching people to write. It has always been my calling (have I told you the story about my first book? Another story for another time). But when it comes to the nitty gritty of running a business – particularly the office administration, systems and processes – well I would literally just pretend it didn’t exist. Not a smart business move. I know that. But it is not my strong point or my forte. It was doing my head in and I knew I had to get it sorted to continue to grow my business and do what I love – write and teach others writing skills.

Enter my one of my beautiful, sassy and smart sisters Di – she is awesome at all the things I am not – office admin, systems and processes, client services, calendar and appointment management, database upkeep, keeping me accountable, making sure I prioritise – you get my point. She is getting my business into shape so I can be front of house.

She is getting my business into shape so I can be front of house and simply just teach people how to write!

Together we make an amazing team who are each running a business.

A bit about Di…

Diana runs her own business too and is a full-time new mum to my little nephew Lincoln (he is soooo cute!). So she knows what it takes to create and keep a business in good management through simple easy systems for time-poor business owners.

This has dramatically changed the direction of EC Writing Services – and my life. I now have the “free” time I craved to concentrate on my own writing, develop the new workshops you all have been asking me for, and build my business into new financial growth.

Welcome Diana (aka mini me)! You will be hearing more from her soon, as together we will be looking after my clients and making their content writing dreams come true. EC Writing Services is now a dynamic duo. It’s still me, just a lot more organised (haha she wrote that!).

5 cool things about my sister Diana:

  1. She’s had an impressive career in the arts. I loved telling people she was a curator and art handler at the National Gallery in Canberra. Yeah, I know!
  2. She is a mad keen gardener and knows everything there is to know about native plants.
  3. Her favourite movie is Dirty Dancing (like me!).
  4. She enjoys eating raspberry danishes … and basically anything sweet. Actually everything sweet!
  5. She loves being a new mum because her son has changed her life in ways she never knew possible.

If you need anything feel free to contact us at or have a look around the website!

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