9 ways to make your website rank higher in search

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I know you are probably working hard to make your website content rank highly and get to page one of Google (after all, that’s where the magic happens, right?!).

There are some valuable ways that will definitely improve the rank of your webpage, and it has nothing to do with backlinks at all!

You need to create ridiculously good content – content that is useful, enjoyable and inspired.Ann Handley

Try these 9 awesome strategies to boost your rank in search results:

  • Create valuable content

Numero Uno: You want to always publish high-quality content that specifically discusses a topic or search query. Remember, reputation is everything.

You will naturally generate more traffic if you produce valuable content because you will increase user engagement and this will build your reputation, in a good way! 

  • Use long-tail keywords

By using niche-specific keywords that have less competition it can be easier and faster to rank highly. What is your niche? What are some keywords related specifically to your unique content?

  • Customer reviews help a lot

Did you know, positive reviews can have an impact on your ranking too? All the more reason to produce high-quality content and really impress your clients. {HOT TIP: Don’t be shy in asking for reviews}.

  • Do some search research

Do your own research. Check out your competitor’s website and study their on-page SEO strategy and content. It will give you some seriously valuable tips to increase your own traffic flow. Smart, eh? 

  • Build internal links

For your longer articles, you can link smaller supporting articles where it works. This will make you appear more professional and it will help you to rank highly.

  • PLEASE have a user-friendly website

There is nothing worse than visiting a website that’s impossible to navigate. Visitors will click on and click off before you even have time to blink! DON’T have one of these websites! 

Make sure your site looks good and is easy to use so that your visitors will hang around for a while.

  • Have a mobile-friendly website

Most of us browse websites on a mobile device and so it’s really important that you optimise your website for mobile as well as desktop browsing.

  • Make sure your page loads FAST

Do you know what happens if your page takes too long to load? Most visitors will click off your page if it takes more than a few seconds to load. So keep it running fast and smooth and watch that traffic come in.

  • Finally, get an SSL Certificate

Without this certificate, some search engines will warn users that the page is not secure. This can be a serious deterrent to getting clicks and rank highly. Consider getting an SSL Certificate. It’s good for your reputation!

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