The Story Shift Writing Course


Learn how to write stories to include in your content to help you stand out, get more leads and win more clients!

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Story telling = more leads, clients, sales and opportunities!

Do you want a slice of the action?

FACT: Story-telling is helping brands sell more products.

There’s no denying that stories sell.

It’s true.

Have you noticed the trends of Facebook ads? 90 per cent of them start with a story … well, the successful ads do.

DID YOU KNOW: “Social storytelling is responsible for more than 65% of conversations had in public?” (Forbes)

In this 3-hour online training I will take you on the story-telling (and writing) journey, where you will learn:


·       The art of telling stories

·       Why it’s important (actually, it’s crucial) that you do

·       How to structure them for maximum impact

·       What to share (how personal is too personal?!)

·       Where to share them

·       AND … the 5 stories you must tell to have an impact on your audience to boost engagement and grow your business. There are actually 10!)


Stories are the number one way to engage people – online and off…get on this mini course today!

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