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Our culture

EC Writing Services prides itself on being like a family, with our clients and team

We pride ourselves on caring, inspiring and entrepreneurial atmosphere in anything we do at EC Writing Services.

We are passionate about bringing out the very best in our clients’ writing ability and business growth, and within our supportive and dynamic team that are scattered all over the globe!

Clients and team members alike are encouraged to take every opportunity to lead and take initiative to make the most of your time with us, while also contributing to the groups with your ideas, content, partnerships, collaborations and a-ha moments!

In return, our CEO Liz Campbell and the senior management team will be committed to you and motivated for you success so you get the very best out of our programs and the experience of the WOW Team!

We like to think of ourselves as one big happy family!


Our Values

EC Writing Services prides itself on being like a family, with our clients and team

Fun – to always be having fun even when we are busy.

Style – everything we do reflects style and beauty.

Family – act like a family, support each other, look after each other, coach each other and we treat our clients like family too.

Positivity – always choose to be optimistic and reach for a higher feeling of happiness.

Respect and Honesty – have respect for the business, boss, team, clients and people, animals and the planet in general. Own up to our mistakes, accept it and then move on.

Gratitude – be grateful for every opportunity this business, our clients and life gives us.

Communication and conversation – have effective conversations and be outstanding communicators online, with team and clients, our followers and people in general!


Talk to us!

My name is Liz, I’m a writing geek, content lover, and a social media fangirl! And so are my team! So if you’re looking for content help, we are your “one”!

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