How important is social and online content, really?

Free content writing pack - It's time to up your content game and be consistent, writes Elizabeth Campbell

We have to talk about something serious for moment … your online content?

How’s it going for you?

If you have an interest in or even a committed focus on achieving better results from your efforts to generate more customers and sales through your content (Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, blog, emails, etc), then you must read on.

Let’s talk about social.

Social media is a beast, there’s no doubt about it because there is so much to it – algorithm changes, so many updates, no reach, paying for ads to get out to a wider audience and the list goes on.

… but one thing that never changes is the importance of CONTENT!

Having really great online content will win every single time over all of the above.

But it’s frustrating when your content doesn’t work and you’re stuck doing a stack of work every day for little to no result or return.

That’s why content is so critical to your online success.

If you’re hearing crickets or those likes and views are not translating to more engagement, inquiries and customers… it’s time to spice it up a bit!

As you know I love me some social media and believe all business owners should be creating amazing content online.

But it can be so hard and it can take real skill. But how do you do that?

>>>> LIZ’S BEST WRITING TIP: Find out what drives your business besties and what they need help with, and write content to match that. Answer their burning questions. This will make them fall in love with you and it will also help you get found online when people are searching for your services.


Answer their burning questions. Simply asked them!


Match your solutions to the areas you know they need help with (your clients are buying your goods and services, so how are you helping them? Share that.


Talk to them about their fears, challenges, obstacles, and frustrations and give them ways to overcome them. Share your best tips.

What’s next?

Liz is hosting a 5-day Social Media SOS Content Writing Challenge from April 29 that aims to get you more engagement (watch your insights soar!) – plus more followers, comments and inquiries.

Why not try our FREE LIVE 5-DAY CHALLENGE: Content writing for social media and beyond!

Do you want to attract new clients through social media with quality content writing but just need someone to guide you on the right path? 

I have spent the last 16 years learning what YOU need to know to jumpstart a content writing strategy that can convert followers into paying clients – all through content creation. 

 Join me in this FREE Live 5-day Social Media SOS Content Writing Challenge where you’ll learn to:

We will be covering specific information about:

🏅Develop a mini 5-day content strategy
🏅Create content that will have your audience begging for more
🏅Initiate and share the right WOW words and information
🏅Learn to write in 5 mins. FLAT!
🏅Reap the rewards of your hard work (watch your insights soar)

If you know me at all, you know I’d only be sending this if I believed it would help you get better results. 

*Bonus #1* — All participants will have the opportunity to compete in our challenge and win $1500. 

*Bonus #2* — EXTRA Live Webinar Check-in. Ask questions and get hot tips from other business owners just like YOU who want to get more engagement, leads, and inquiries. 

Social Media Content Writing Challenge - for online content success

The real-time content creation results are so crazy that I should be called crazy for offering the Masterclass for FREE! 

Click here to register for FREE now!<

Where: Online and in a special Facebook group

Date: From Monday, April 29, 2019 

Time: 9:00am AEST (we meet live for about 30 mins each day)

Extra: PLUS a FREE “WOW Words” WEBINAR Thursday, May 2 from 7pm AEST

So, let’s end the financial year with a big content party!

Free content writing pack - It's time to up your content game and be consistent, writes Elizabeth Campbell

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