What NOT to do when Hiring New Team Members

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What NOT to do when hiring new team members

*Struggle street story alert*

It truly is amazing what happens when you have the right people around you. You see the world through different eyes. Everything feels better. Your business just works.

But what about when you don’t? It feels like you’re running a marathon with a stitch in your side and a blister on your big toe. Ouch, right?!

I must admit, I have struggled this year to find the right team members to have alongside me.

The ones who see the vision and want to be here for the long term… well, the foreseeable future anyway.

Each time I feel like I had it nailed… I hadn’t.

Each step closer I got, I took 10 backwards.

Each time I thought we turned a corner… there was a brick wall there.

Each time I thought I’d found “the one”… they left.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have loved every single team member who has come into my life in the past 12 months since I decided to take EC Writing Services down a new garden path.

Each person has been a huge help to me and my business in their own way and with what I needed at the time.

I have learned some very valuable lessons regarding human resources and hiring the right team members.

DID YOU KNOW: You know I used to hire people who were exactly like me!

Ah, yeah, that was never going to get me anywhere! Especially because the people I was hiring were good at all the things I am good at and, just like me, fall short in the areas I am poor at – which is exactly where I really need them to help me!

{Lesson learned! Thank you, universe}

But on the weekend, I did something crazy but smart.

I put an executive team in place to oversee their certain areas and help grow the business.

It’s no longer my business any more.

I have relinquished some control to my management team and I couldn’t be happier.

It’s taken 12 months but it’s happening and now we are ready for even more super growth in 2018.

And I’d love to share my top three tips with you about business growth:


  1. Get a team… an outstanding one

But hire the right people. Have an organisational flow chart and the positions you want in your business. This will change and develop as you do, but set some plans in place for growth.

Now this might take you some time, or you may be awesome at recruiting or even be savvy and engage a recruiter.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably wing it. I’d say, don’t be like me!

The other crucial step here is that you must be an amazing leader. We have to lead our teams to greatness. We need to love and nurture them just like we would our customers.

They are an integral part of our business growth and happiness in business.

Relationships are absolutely key when it comes to your team. Know them, what they love, how they work, how they like to be rewarded, and personal details like their families, holidays and hobbies.


  1. Have a solid sales process in place

We have just spent the weekend developing my sales formula, process and system and delegating tasks to people in my team.

And you know what? Every position now and in the future is accountable for sales and bringing money through the door in some capacity. Of course, my sales manager and myself will lead the way, but even the PA and VA positions have their own KPIs against sales.

That’s just the way it is. This is now non-negotiable.


  1. Share the struggle

If there is one thing I know and respect in business, it’s that we all struggle. And our business besties love it when we share our struggle stories.

I always say this in my content writing workshops.

If there is one thing we can’t do in business, it’s to do it alone. Business can be a lonely journey if you let it be.

So, if you are struggling with something in your business, ask for help and then share the story in a blog and on social media like what I’m doing now.

Now, people don’t want to hear your struggles all the time, but they do want to know that they are like you… that we are all the same.

Even the big guns share their struggles.  Some of the greatest stories ever told come from Steve Jobs (kicked out of his own company), Richard Branson (called crazy and told his ideas would never work) and Oprah (a negro woman trying to carve her way in the media and throughout life in a time that was almost impossible, alongside her brutal upbringing).

Right down to people in my circle, The Meetup Queen Francesca Moi (told to quit multiples time), my client The Ideas Entrepreneur Paul Barby (told he would amount to nothing more than a janitor by his English teacher because he had dyslexia) and even my legal representative Cathryn Warburton, The Legal Lioness, who was bullied so badly at school it is reason she became a lawyer.

Share your stories, my friends, your people what to know.

I hope you’ve taken something from this blog that you can implement right now to take your business into the new year with a vengeance to smash it!

If you’d like to learn more about business growth and how telling stores can help you get more money through your doors, simply come along to my business blogging workshops as I share my best tips with you to turn content into cash.


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