Negative comments are none of your business: Overcome your writing fears

Negative comments are none of your business | Elizabeth Campbell Wow School Global

FACT: When I was a 21-year-old journalist, I used to get actual hate mail because I wrote a column called “Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll”. 

It upset me at first until I realised their negative comments weren’t my issue – it was theirs.

One of the biggest fears people have about online content and putting themselves out there is:

 “I’ll get negative comments and feedback, and everyone will hate it.”


“No one will read it anyway.”

This is a common fear people have when they are writing online content. In fact, many people will write their content, or a book, or even create incredibly helpful videos and blogs and never post them or publish their content due to fear.

And the thing that stops them is the fear of people writing negative comments or trolling them, or even saying the wrong thing.

Honestly, in the grand scheme of things, this rarely happens. I can count on one hand how many negative comments I’ve had since starting to post content online for my business – or even as a journalist.

As I said, I got more complaints when I was writing a column called Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll! An anti-Liz column group started to try to have the column removed from the paper. I kept all of those letters and emails for some time to keep myself motivated and not let others’ opinions become my fears.

Not everyone is going to like you or what you stand for and that’s OK. 

I saw this great meme recently that backs up that statement: Not everyone needs to like you; heck, you don’t like everyone either!

It’s human not to like or get along with everyone … and the sooner you are ok with this the sooner you will be able to overcome this fear of negative comments and start publishing more amazing value and online content – fear-free!

Write like you just don’t care!

It’s time to start being FEARLESS with your content and online profile and write like you just don’t care!

I know you might be afraid of saying the wrong thing online – I used to be as well. But seriously, you are the expert and you stand tall knowing this and the fact is that people follow you because of this!

But what do you do if you have a fear that people will think you’re stupid, silly, <insert your own negative word> here if I get too personal or share what I really think, or I say the wrong thing and people will know I’m a fraud.

No they won’t! This is just not true. Read on to find out why!

When I first started writing my content about 7 years ago I was so afraid I would write the wrong thing or people who had been blogging for years would call me out for not knowing my topic.

I was publishing content on my own blog and also guest posting on other people’s blogs as well as being featured in magazines. 

I had been a journalist for 15 years before I started my business; I was used to writing for others, so putting myself out there with my own opinions and values was hard for me.

Like many others, I had put my own fears and beliefs into my content … “people will think I’m silly, or not as smart as I make out, or they will know I’m a fraud, or I’ll get negative comments”. 

But guess what? It’s never happened. In the last 7 years, not one person has ever said I was stupid or silly, and I’ve never had anyone say I don’t know the value of the topics I share.

How to get out of your own way when it comes to your content: ON THE BLOG NOW  

Your goal from this day forward is to stop making excuses!

No one will read it anyway.

I’m creating content for crickets.

Why bother, no one comments anyway.

When I don’t want to write a piece of content, I tell myself this same excuse! I procrastinate and find everything else under the sun to do instead of just sitting down to write.

Here’s the secret … even if you think no one is reading your content – they are definitely reading your content!

You are a savvy and informed business owner who knows your stuff – and you have such worthy words to share, so your beautiful target audience and amazing clients-to-be are going to love your content and read it! 

And the people who don’t, either don’t know about you yet or they aren’t your ideal audience and potential business besties anyway. So let it go and move on.

The right people will read your content, engage with you, and follow you. And guess what, they won’t have any negative comments!

Want to learn how to write better content more confidently so it gets you the results you desire!

Well you are in luck, my friend.

Those amazing content writing skills you’ve been wanting for so long are waiting for you here inside my Writing For Results course!

If your content is mediocre, boring, pushy, too salesy, or non-existent (I think I’ve covered everything there!) due to:

– No time to write

– Lack of experience or no writing skills

– Scared to put yourself out there

– You’re just starting or getting back into it

– Past strategies aren’t working any more 


– Doing your washing… or any other procrastination tactic you have up your sleeve?

You can rest easier now … and learn to fuel your business with my Writing For Results copywriting course, which contains the most up-to-date and successful  templates, strategies, and formulas so you can write quality content that leaves a lasting impression while attracting more leads and clients. 

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  • Reply June 30, 2021

    Eltenary VA

    What other people think is none of our business so we just got to do what we love.

    • Reply June 30, 2021

      Elizabeth Campbell

      Exactly! Couldn’t have said it better myself. Sometimes it’s easier said than done, however, we just need to keep practicing! Thanks for your comment 🙂

  • Reply June 29, 2021


    Loved your post! Second-guessing sometimes stops me to do what I like the most, like writing. Thank you for this reminder!

    • Reply June 29, 2021

      Elizabeth Campbell

      Always a pleasure – I know the feeling too. Sometimes we just have to go for it and forget everything else! I’m so happy to hear you enjoy writing 🙂

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